Yangji Filter is still defeated to the enemy and the "evil empire" can’t win the ball.

After the British somewhere of the New York Yangji, after the score of 3-4, after the journey of the season, the journey of this season was completely over.

Regular games have experienced undulating Yangji thrilling to get 100 wins, ranking partition second, although they play out of the playoffs with a relaxed Lectra sports home, but next in the same district that is familiarless. In front of the opponent Boston’s red stocking, the “evil empire” failed to show advantageous and dominant, and the total score was eliminated.

https://www.mlbdrakterno.com Yangji lost to the playoffs after the fourth game of the partition series

Yangji lost to the playoffs after the fourth game of the partition series

The main scene of the competition in the team was actually defeated, and this giants were still there!

The second game of the series, Yangji finally ended the game of Boston in the playoffs, I thought it would act astonger, but they didn’t have a happy time. Subsequently, Yangji defeated opponents with a 1-16 score. The home is so embarrassed, this is the team’s historical head in the team.

This “blood shampoo” Yangji understands the real gap between them and the red stockings, but even if they are blocked outside the League Championships, don’t forget, this season they experienced the state of undulation, injuries, and coaches The unstable factors, the strongest bearer “judge” Alon Jiaqi’s absence of the wrist fracture for two months, pitcher https://www.fanartikelsportde.com Sanni Gray and Catcher Gary – Sanchez is not good, the total coach is a rookie without any coaching experience.

However, in the face of these adversity and setbacks, the team did not kneel, they climbed to the new height, single season 267 self-creation created a new historical record in the big alliance, in the middle of the season, they also formed a dream level of cowshed lineup , Miguel Aduhar and Grayber Torres have also become a popular candidate for the best new show candidates.

Although they must eventually participate in the three-game card match, this season’s Rules Ruptial record has achieved 100 wins. It is necessary to know that this record can be ranked third in all teams in the big alliance. 108 wins in the red socks and 103 wins.

This is the heritage of a giant.

In fact, Yangji is not a chance https://www.fanstore2.com
to even find a feeling. In the case of 1-1 in the first two games before the series, they have retraffled the home advantage, and even have the opportunity to end their opponents in New York, at least The competition dragged into the fifth decisive battle, but the “evil empire” failed to block the super offensive of the red socks, and they completely collapsed in the third game.

In front of the player, Girray showed the undulation after coming to New York, and the playoff is completely honest.

In front of the player, Girray showed the undulation after coming to New York, and the playoff is completely honest.

Deluxe Wat + Best cowshed, can’t hurt 1 fatal injury

In fact, the current Yangji is a team that is very obvious and disadvantages. In the playoffs of the scene, their own short board will be unlimited, which also leads to their collapse.

Take them to the death of the red socks, Yangji walked to face each other’s pitcher, https://www.mlbtrojerse.comdid not show the power of the “Bronx bomber”, but also let the playoff for many years, Rick Possto, The first winning investment.

In recent years, Yangji has had one of the best cow sheds in the big alliance. With the joining of Zach-Brilton, they have become more excellent than before, and the bull sheds of Yangji are most A good reinforcement pitcher, if you look at the cattle shed list of this series, even a medium rescue personnel can’t find, especially compared with the reimers of red socks, Yangji is more featured. Full.

In addition to the third game of the series, the remaining three games, the fantasy cattle of Yangji villated 16.0 bureaus, only 2 points.

And against red stockings? In addition to the second first-year David-Ples, the other three, the other three games were sent as much as possible, they were https://www.fanbutikk.com transferred to the cowshed, they were in four 17 bodies were completed in the series, and 7 points were lost. I have to say that the Best’s cowshed sheds have completed their work.

Yangji’s https://www.maillotsenligne.com first three games in the playoffs this year, Yang Kiyan played a 6-year-old horn, and the “judge” Alon Jaqi contributed half of them, and he continued to open, regular season Combating the low “chubby” Gary-Sanchez is also playing a running barrier in the second game with the Red Sock Series, and has become one of the two single fields in the history of the team.

However, in the last two games, the Yangji team did not play 1 projector to play, lost their best at the score.

However, the biggest problem encountered by Yangji is not a sudden “dumb flash” of the line, but the first round value.

Before the start of the season, Jordan-https://www.b2bshopp.com Montgomery was reimbursed in the season due to the injury in the elbow, the state of Sunny Gray did not have a worse, which made the weak first round value worse, but Yangji did not choose https://www.mlbboutique2.com to hand it over. Ni-Gray and Domingo – Herman’s more first opportunities, making some stretches.

In addition, although the entire alliance in the transaction, the entire alliance knows that Yangji wants the first hair pitcher, but the team’s management has not brought a truly reliable in the final stage, like a last season space person trading. State Ville’s ace.

Since the end of July, it has been traded to the team. However, there have been it that J.A.-Hap is not the best choice for the first game of Chris Selle in the series. Of course, if only the performance of Hap is in the lower half of the Junfin season, it is already the best https://www.mlbtrikot4.comchoice.

It is worth mentioning that the low-round value of the low-round value of Sanchez has unneashed responsibility. As a partner on the pitcher, the arrester is always the performance https://www.mlbdrakterno.com of the pitcher. Data indicates that Sanchez’s ballistic ball strategy is lower than the average level of alliances. The bigger problem is that his basic skills look poor, and the market has a ball and sealed.

Maybe in the offset period, the Yangji management will work more about the first round value.

Stanton's hit three surroundings in the playoffs 2/2/3, apparently this is not the MVP talents expected by Yangji

Stanton’s hit three surroundings in the playoffs 2/2/3, apparently this is not the MVP talents expected by Yangji

Former National Union MVP performance is sluggish, the team score opportunity grasps great

As the most important reference of the previous sniper team, Ji’an Carlo Stanton came to the team with the largest player of the country, and also tasted the taste of the playoffs in the first time this season. However, as a designated blow, Stanton, overall, the performance of its playoff is disappointing, in addition to the Yangchun home base of the fancy in the outer card, he has almost no work, it is unable to put The ball is playing out.

28-year-old Stanton’s hit three per surroundings in regular season is 0.266 / 0.343 / 0.509 (hit rate / oscillatic rate / long throw rate), 38 output hit output, far less than his 58 last season. Going into the playoffs, his hit three drops to 0.238 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 / 0.273 The key role of changing the situation in the playoffs.

In addition, in the case of some people who have some people, the score efficiency is low, this, the basic season is not good, but the shortcoming in the game in the game is amazed, the first, Yang is basically The opportunity is close to and reversing the competition. They face the opponent’s weakness, and they have had two opportunities to score, but they still have not grasp, regret, missed such a perfect opportunity, and eventually lost the game.

The 6th game of that game, the team gets 2 minutes from Sel, Gary Sanchez is guaranteed, and the two out of the bureau and the situation is full, Grayber Torres has placed on the hit position, but But at the end of the other party.

In the 7th game, the situation of red socks is more critical, and no one is out of the case, but finally, the final Yangji is only relying back to 1 point with Lux-Voit’s high flight sacrifice.


It is worth mentioning that in the last 9th game of the death battle today, in the face of the “Dragon King”, the Swiss of the Presbyter of Jinbrell, Yang Bi has formed a single full base in this field after an outward. However, even though the other party sent 1 point, it was only 1 point, but only the high-flying sacrificial sacrifice of Sanchez was 1 point, and finally, the second time was given to red stockings, ending this season.

According to statistics, the entire playoffs, the Yangji has a total of 5 scores, and the score efficiency is very low.

Yangji’s 2018 season ended this, but this young team also let everyone see the future hope, this is a helicic team, “Evil Empire” is still in the 28th World Contest. effort.