Unveiling Wars 6 days: League 6 big four-point guard ranked Bradricogers who can pay?

The 2018 release season can be said to be a quarter of the alliance four-point guard. First, there is the highest salary of Garobolo 5 years, and then the Viking people put three major four-point guard. After the “Money” process, he ushered in Cousins ??to brush the new year’s salary record, and there is Len, Rogers unlocked The highest salary “achievement”, this is not considered Smith, Bris, Burtes’ rich contracts and Brady’s bonuse clause. It can be said that the Summer Alliance has launched a cruel military competition in the four-guard position.

But the salary and ability are not fully hooked. In this day, there is another 6 days left, let us see who is all the six quarters of the league! (P.S. Pure personal opinion, don’t like it, please spray.)

6th Carson-Wenz Philadelphia Eagle

2017-18 season data 13 game 3296 yards 33 reachaes 7 copy

In fact, when Xiaobian got this topic, the head was blown. The alliance elite is not enough, one-class four-point guard is far more than 6, and there are several people who are enough to take the top six, such as Big Ben, Ryan, Coss. But thinking about, Xiaobian still chooses a representative of the union new generation of four-defense – Carson – Winz.

Benedict out of the school, expensive as the list, the debut, and the next year will win. It is true that the eagle does not have a little relationship with Wenz last season, but Wenz’s quasi-MVP season gave the team to the team’s tone. 13 games 3296 yards 33 reachaes 7 copy, conversion into 16 games is 4000 yards + 40 reachaes +9 copy. There are only two people since the Age of Super Bowls, one is the 2007 season Braddy, one is Rogers in the 2016 season. If it is not the dead ACL torn, Wenz is likely to impact Brradi’s MVP trophy, and personally bring the team to win.

Although the past is unable to come back, it is still expected in the future. From the news from the eagle season, the Wenz Ghosts won more than before, coupled with the precise passes of the pocket and Pedson tactic system for him. The defending champion will remain under the leader of Wenz.

5th Matthew – Stafford Detroit Lion

2017-18 season data 16 games 4446 yards 29 reachaes 10 copy

It is said that the four-defense and the outer joke are the partners of each other, Stafford and “Wei Zhentian” Calvin Johnson can be counted, but the Wei Zhen is too angry, and it has taken a lot of winds, let people Underestrained Stafford’s ability. However, when the Wei Zhentu retired, Stafford, the whole monocontrol team, showed the tattoo of the elite quarter-free, in the case of the arm, and the passing the ball is more smart, when the opponent lost the power After the main defending object of the earthquake, Stafford’s pass target became difficult to predict, increasing the defensive difficulty of opponents.

Look at the external connections standing on both sides of Stafford, Ma Wen Jones? Gordon Tat? They have never got the achievements of thousands of yards before the Lion team, and any team outside the lion cannot be a team’s number one. But after they start working with Stafford, Tatt has been selected by professional bowls in 3 thousands season, Jones, 930 yards in Jones, 1101 yards in the second year.

It can be said that if the team of the lion, if Stafford is removed, you can go with the Brown contribution to the last season. But as long as Stafford is still standing in the center of the Ford Stadium, the lion is a team with a powerful competition, and the gap between the game is probably the union. This year, Plus, Pressria and the strength of the Super Bowl of Championship to run the team, such as Tiger, Stafford, is expected to play a MVP level season.

4th Russell – Wilson Seattle Hawks

2017-18 season data 16 game 3983 code 34 reached 11 copy

As the Eagle’s fragile offensive front line, if it is not Wilson sitting in the town, I am afraid that the four-point guard standing in the pocket will change it again like the horse. The key is that in this case, Wilson can also make the sea eagle to maintain the competitiveness of the bowl, and the strength can be seen. No matter how much role in the Hawk’s explosion army has played up in the Hawks. Only in the case of the offensive group, Wilson can chase 3, 4 defenders in the event of 3 or 4 defenders in the event, and in this point, the Alliance can’t find the second. The upcoming 2018 season is more difficult for Wilson, and he will face the same situation as Stafford – single core band. Taking him is here.

Saint-Orleans, Dru-Bris New Orleans

2017 season data 16 games 4334 yards 23 reachaes 8 copy

70445 Distance 71940 is still 1495 yards. These three numbers are sufficient to reflect Briser’s greatness. Since 2006 to New Orleans, the number of passes in the Brisk season has never been below 4300 yards. If there is no accident, the 5th week of this season, Briser can surpass Pedon-Manning a king of NFL history.

Brisrees with only 1 meter 83 height is biased, theoretical upper body is not enough, the four defense in the pocket will be greatly affected. But Bris is a born passer, no matter what situation, No matter what kind of situation, Bris can find a way to pass the ball to teammates. I hope that the Sale of the Sale of the Sale will give the last year of the end of the career to have the opportunity to hold the Super Bowl Championship.

2nd Tom-Braddy New England Patriot

2017-18 season data 16 games 4577 yards 32 reachaes 8 copy

Braddy is the best player in the Alliance has reached a consensus, but the first four-point guard today is probably a little bit. After all, more g. ..t looks more integrated achievements, and today’s strongest quarter-off is the current competition. Although Braddy still can take the regular game MVP last season, you can also refresh the superb bowl of ball code record, but a cruel fact is placed in front of the 2018 season, he has been 41 years old. He can maintain more efficient and rely on the patriotic tactical system, he can also rule the alliance, but he is difficult to change against the sky. For example, a super bowl in 2018.

1st Alon – Rogers Green Bay Packaging

2017-18 season data 7 games 1675 yards 16 reachaes 6 copy

Can let G.o.a.t look up, wrong, no people who look back in g.o.a can let goat have only “God of God”. If Braddy is a practical peak, then Rogers is the best representative of a beautiful school. Looking at Rogers is really a kind of enjoyment. Talking, Rogers can make the opponent’s defensive as invisible, and we often refer to Hail Mary, which is born in Rogers, almost used regular tactics.

From the data, Rogers holds the NFL history’s highest career (103.8) in his hand (103.8), the highest quarter-branch of the single session (122.5, 2011) and the best reachaes – CD ratio (4.13: 1 . This is the data after 13 seasons. Continuing to maintain the highest level of the Alliance is that the small dare to put Rogers in this list. In addition, don’t forget that Rogers have just signed a contract with a 4-year $ 134 million, NFL history’s highest annual salary. Today’s title of the first four defense, Rogers is worthy!

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