Saint 31-17 big winning hunter won the season 10 consecutive victory

In the second half, the French team initiated attacks first, and the urgent Falcon has failed to fight four gear. The Falcon defense of the offensive can not prevent the Saints. The Saint Square San Delu-Bris is a variety of precise passes to help the team easily advance to the Falcon. In the third quarter, Dru Bris passed to the near-end Feng Dan – Arnold before the Falcon Red Zone, directly reached the Deta, 24:3. The Falcon’s Falcon’s Falcon’s Falcon has already caught the boat, and the fourth file is strong twice. The four points of the Matt-Lane Chuan gave the outer hand Carl Wen-Rudeli pushed 50 yards. Finally, I didn’t come to the Saint team’s array of fronts, and I didn’t be able to fight, and I also chose to fight for 4 files 2 yards. Or after the outer hand, Karvin-Ridley received this vital pass, when there was still 22 seconds left in the third quarter, helped the Falcon Resorted 7 points, 24:10. The residence of the Falcon to the score is really too bad, first, quartz, Swan, Ryan, to send a copy before the red zone. In the face of the sacred team of the sky, the Saint team naturally won’t let this opportunity. In the fourth quarter left, Dru Bris is short to the front of the Falconfawa’s array. Kewood got up to 31: 10. And then the Falcon 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the external handle Calvin-Rudley took the ball to the front of the Saint team, and the Falcon’s general trend has been going. 1 minute before the end of this game, the Falcon was taken from Run Devil – Coleman, but this reached the result of the game without any influence, the Saint team eventually defeated hunting with 31:17 Eagle.