NFL-Bill Welcome to the season, three consecutive victories of the lions are negative and encountered

On August 24th, Beijing time, the NFL2019-20 season’s third week, the third week of the season continued to fight, Detroit Lion was in the Town Auto City to meet Buffalo Bill. The third week of the preseason, all the teams were brought as a new season, “rehearsal”, and both parties will send a lot of main lineup, with strong reference significance. This game was very unfamiliar, and finally Bill 24-20 defeated the lion, and Bill won the three-game winning season, gave the lion three losses.

[Game points]

The second grade Josh Allen completely took over Buffalo’s main four-defense position, this young man has a very strong arm, the upper limit is extremely high, and it has already been surprised last year. Today, his talent The definition is further developed. The last season of the lion team was not good, and the new head coach Matt-Patrimia was controversial. If the new season Patrima can’t bring some representatives to the lion, I am afraid that the handsome is worrying.

[Competition process]

The first quarter has been more difficult, 9 minutes 38 seconds, Bill New Aid, Cole Beasley, when the slot is brought down, gives the Detroit Lion Team Excellent Attack Start position.

13 minutes and 25 seconds, the lion’s main four-point guards Matthew Stafford continued to lead the team attack, twice forwarded to the Red Area. Plate the Matt Prater hits 23 yards, the lion leads the first 3 points, 3-0.

The second game, 1 minute 05 seconds, the Bill team took a large number of Frank Gore, and the bad foul of the lion defensive player plus the number of large numbers and directly let Bill advance. At 10 yard lines. External Hand Isaiah McKenzie landscape, body shaking into the array of array, Bill with tactical suddenness and excellent cover to score, score 3-7.

4 minutes and 42 seconds, the lion team is in the top 4 ports of the end zone. 3 yards in the front line, Stafford’s pass is just right, and the speed of happiness running Thai-Johnson directly into the array area. Score 10-7.

When Bill attacked the ball, the lion team rushed back to the ball, and Stafford was directly attacked directly in the red area of ??the opponent. In the face of the four shortcod Dacble and the lion team once again chose to pass the conversion, Stafford did not succeed, and the Bill team took back the ball again.

14 minutes and 01 seconds, the Bill team uses the road attack forward, and two consecutive mushrooms have strong deceptive, and finally the rookie is devin singletary to kill the Dali area, all wave Attacking time consuming 2 minutes and 28 seconds, 95 yards, Bill reached a lead, score 10-14.

Before the end of the first half, the lion team attacked a good attack start position. After several waves attacked, the NFL free kick farther distance record holder, hit 64 yodi, Prati, Praite, 61 yards, Score 13-14.

After the main player was finished, the second half of the second half was replaced. 6 minutes and 51 seconds, Bill team quarter-Barkley (Matt Barkley) long-circled junction TY Yerton (TJ Yeldon) promoted 31 yards, play Stephen Hauschka hit 43 yards, score 13-17.

14 minutes and 29 seconds, the Bill team continued to use the top of Zay Jones, the latter received the long history of promoting the number of errors, followed by the Barkeli, looking for big external Duke – Williams (Duke Williams), Williams tiger mouth capture the completion of the ball to achieve a reachable, score 13-24.

The fourth competition, the Lion John Johnson as an old four-dimensional defending experience, he uses a “free offense” to obtain large size, Mike Tomson 1 yards, use strong body directly to , Score 20-24.

At the end of the game, the lions were 20-24 Bill, and Bill won the three consecutive victories of the season.

[Highlights player]


Quartz San Shuhe-Alan 3 pushed 49 yards, 2 shock push into 17 yards, Matt-Bakley 14 push 12-year-transfer 142 yards 1 to 1 Dalun; Run Wah Shaun – McKi ( Lesean McCoy 6-time mushroom promoted 37 yards, Frank Gore 8 shouted push into 57 yards; external TJ Yerton three times ahead of the 51 yards.

Detroit lion

Quartz Matthew – Stafford 19 passed 12 in 12 pushing 137 yards 1 to 1 Deta; 8 times CJ Anderson, 8 sho (ZACH Zenner) 4 times a shock push 21 yards; external hands Danny Aman Dora three-time ball promoting 30 yards, TJ Hockenson 3 bought 52 yards. Kicking hands Matt – Pratt 2 times any ball shot all hits, the farthest distance is 61 yards.

[Competition Summary]

The Lion Team’s offense made Stafford very comfortable, and several passions were very decisive and accurate, the multi-diversity of the team’s running guards enriched. The biggest progress in Bill is the road surface, and today I got 2 times to reach 2 times, the squad is in 5 yards. Josh – Alan has a good performance in front of the previous seasons, but today, the main defensive group in the lion is also committed to the old shorthavs of the seasons, and the passing ball is not accurate enough.

After this, the Lion Team will make the Branda challenge next week, and the Bill team is sitting in the town of Buffalo to win the Mingnesota Viking.