NBA-official! The latest phase of the MVP list, the top three have not changed, the Curi is still the first, Paul soared

Just a long ago, NBA officially announced the latest MVP list, the top three is still a library, Durant and Jobi, letter brother and Paul rose to the top five. At present, there are still more than ten conventional competitions, and MVP is still quite fierce. Yoshiqi wants to renew, Curry and Durant responded in excellent performance.

The first three in the new phase did not change, or the library, Durant and Jobi, the performance of these three new seasons is also very good, there is really no more controversy. Curry seems to find the state of the full ticket MVP, even more rare, even if he scored less than 20 points, the team still won the game, this is the situation of Curry and Warriors want to see, not light Reever rely on the library.

Curry this season has contributed 28.2 points 5.8 rebound 6.8 assists

The performance of the new season is very crazy, the three points are still so good, the opponent does not dare to have any lax, good in the Poole and Vints state around him, the Warriors have achieved 16 wins and 2 negative records, high-level alliance First. Plus the data of the Curry is very good, the MVP is in the first place, and this award is estimated to lose the suspense.

Paul This season is 14.1 points 3.9 rebound 10.4 assists

Paul’s ninth in the previous issue, this is a certain kind of affirmation to him. The sun is unknown, but they have been able to win, but they can only fade the second place, just because the Warriors are too embarrassed, there is a gap between the winners. In the middle of the words, Paul did not use more, really, the more the more demon, led the sun and fierce. There is a large difference in Paul and no Paul, or it is very different, this may be the potential factor in the sun choice and Paul.

Letter brothers contribute 27.2 points 11.7 rebound 5.9 assists

The helper Midton and Holleidi around the letter brother have also returned, which also makes the bundles more powerful, and has achieved 5 consecutive victories. It is finally like the defending champion. In MVP, today’s gap is still very small, Curry, Durant, Joyki and letter brothers may be elected.