NBA-in the audience 12, there is 6 mistakes! The rocket can’t hesitate, it’s time to say goodbye to Gordon.

The recent momentum of the Rocket is very good. After the cooling, defeating the bull 15 after the defeat, and continuously defeat the bungam and the Thunder, and achieved 3 consecutive victories. This road challenges the Thunder, the rocket encountered a blow, the list of eye grains continued to absence, and Wood and Burto were injured in the game, the team also turned behind the opponent, I thought that the Rocket will end the winner, the last The rocket of Brooks, Matthews and Tit came out, and took successively helped the team to reverse the score. With the Matthew two penalty, the Rocket 114-110 defeated the Thunder, ushered in 4 consecutive victories.

When Wood, Burt and Green can’t play, who can stand up and lead the rocket? This time Tit is out. The game Tit is very proactive. Attacking, continuous impact, the defensive end can also send a big hat, and finally he has continuously impact baskets to help the team reversal score. Playing 35 minutes, 15 shots, free throw 10 9, get 32 ??points 10 rebound 7 assists 5 caps of the full data, becoming the second player of the Rocket History, the last one is Ora Juan (have been 7 times). Looking at Titte’s tough performance, people think of Tak, but he has a better attack and organizational skills.

Looking at Titte a lot of money, the old Gordon is a little dim, almost gives the rocket victory. In the last moment, Gordon has not been able to fight several times in a row. It is all over the opponent, once the team is passive, so that the Thunder fails to grasp the opportunity. In fact, Gordon is not suitable for the rocket today, so that he serves as the main control player will only expose the characteristics of the municipality, and it is more suitable for the pitcher, and the second initiator, not a long time to hold the ball. His efficiency becomes low.

This game Gordon has played 32 minutes, 12 casts only 3, three points 7 in 2, only 8 points 6 assists, there have been 6 mistakes, such performance is still very low. In fact, the head coach Colorants is also helpless, this game Green and Augustine can’t play, smallports retired, only Gordon can hold the ball, but unfortunately his status is not very good. Looking at God, the rocket should be determined.

Nowadays, the rocket is in rebuilding, Wall is absent for this competition, and Gordon is still supporting. In fact, the rocket can’t hesitate. It is time to say goodbye to Gordon. Today’s situation is not a good choice for both parties. The rocket is still in rebuilding, Gordon can continue to complete the dream of competing for the champion, you can send him to a more needed.