MLB19 Summary: Red Socks Battle 17

On June 19, Beijing, the United States has continued to be fiercely confederated, and there are 14 games. The specific competition is as follows: Giant 0-9 Dodge, Jinyu 2-16 sportsman, red stocking 3-4 Shuangcheng, Rocky 8-1
Royal Snake, Royal 9-0 Sailor, Wineman 1-4 Pride, Tiger 5-4 Pirates, Ray 3-6 Yangji, Angel 3-1 Blue Bird, Space Man 3-4 Red, Metropolitan 10- 2 Warriors, Indians 10-3 Cavalry, White Socks 3-1 Bear, Malinfish 6-0: The game of Philadelphians and the national competition has been canceled due to rain.

Ray 3-6 Yangji

Two losers of the rays series, and the partition of Yangji is gradually opened the gap, and there are already 2.5 gaps. This season has been eight times, and the Yangji harvested 6 wins and 2 losses.

This game Stanton was hurt, but the 4-piece hitting answer sheet was handed over, and the road to restore the status was still very long. Sanchez, Mebin and Enkaisi became the key to winning, contributing to the point, and Woit and Mebin knocked out 3 security. The first four games in the rays of 2 to 1 weak lead, that is, in the fifth bureau, Roy debut 0.2, lost 3 points, resulting in the disadvantage of the ray, and finally lost.

Marin fish 6-0 rocque

The national union mats of the Malain fish accident zero-sealing rickets. For the red scitch, the top two winemakers were ranked. The bear also lost the ball. The gap did not have been pulled, but several teams in the country are not very popular. Ok, only the red man has achieved three consecutive victories.

Malin fish newcomer Yoshuben Jorden’s large alliance contributed two extremely excellent play, the 7.0 bureau was only played 2 security, sent 7 three-oscillated 2 times, all two of the two games, this may be Marinfish is the greatest harvest this year. On the territory, Anderson contributed 2 points, Ramirez and Cooper knocked out 2 security, and the overall stability of Maruli plays a victory.

White Sox 3-1 Bear

A context of crossing the Union, the bear is in the last game. Shuwaibo used a Yangchun gun with a Yangchun gun to fight for the bear, 1 point for the first time, Garcia’s second base is hitting, Anderson relaxing and returning score, 1-1.

In the first half of the ninth game, Strolapo started the collapse, McCain’s anattical and Ximen’s two-point gun made a reversal of the white hose competition, and Strip took the third defeat in the season, in Jinbreier After joining the bear, the status of the key role in this pitcher may be significantly impacted.

Indians 10-3 visitors

The two pitcher Sampson and Smeli collapsed, and the two were played in a total of 12 amps lost 10 points. In the face of huge differences, the line of the cavalry did not work, and the game has been Certainly.

The Best of the Indian is the best of PPNes and Ramirez, which contributed 3 points, of which Ramirez was a three-point gun, and a striking strike was injected into a strong intensive agent for this season. And the first stick forest is 6 0, and the three times are accepted, which should not be the performance of the Indian people.

Metropolis 10-2 Warriors

The big branch battle Warrior is a big capital to respond to yesterday, and the whole game will hit 15 security. I chose 8 guarantees, Alonso 4 counts 4 支 打 3 points, I also get 3 points, I also get 3 points Very bright; Kong Formo also has 2 支 安 2 points.

The big capital will first make a pitcher Di Grom’s 9th game, after the ninth game solved a beamer, was backed by Fremman and Donalden, hit the home base, at this time, by the head of the head It is completely sealed, and it is not guaranteed 10 times.

Space man 3-4 red

The spaceman is actually lost by the red. The red man Dietrich faces Wilder’s two-point gun, and Winkel’s first rustic yang spring cannon is also the key. The ace pitcher Vilan is actually hitting two home bases in the first game. 3 points, and finally eat down. The whole Virgo lost 4 points, sent 8 three-oscillated 1 time, in the seventh game, he was hung out of the Yangchun cannon in the seventh game, and he was knocked out of the 3rd bill.

In the middle of the eighth game, Braggman used two points to make the competition remains still, but the last 1 point has never been able to recover, and the final space is defeated.

Rocky 8-1 Rattleson

The Rocky and the Snake Direct Dialogue compete for the second part of the partition, laughing to the final is Rocky. Arrian 3 security hits 3 points to play the core role of the line, and Mark Ma Hong also has 2 points of accounting. The family of the snake is not good, only the Pellalta contribution 1 points to choose 2 four bad balls, Mart 3, seems to have only 2 works at work.

Wineman 1-4 priest

The winemaker is in the face of the priest, and the two games have only 1 point. From the current league home, the line leader, but only 1 point in two games, suddenly lost. The whole team 4 is playing, and there are 2 pitcher Woodliv, which is crying.

The priest is to catch Mesia contribute 2 points, only 22-year-old first-year-old Pitcher Luogen-Allen League first boarding board, receiving victory, 7.0 bureaus did not lose, send 5 vibrators 2 times.

Angel 3-1 blue bird

Da Valt Chamita 4 0, Karhorn and Gude Temple Yangchun can take a key score for angels. The two teams are unable to attack, but the blue bird is more weak compared to the audience.

The angel first pitched the handle of Scargus 7.1, lost 1 point, and sent 6 three oscillars without being guaranteed. After experiencing the performance of the past, finally harvest the victory.

Tiger 5-4 pirate

The pirate continued to steadily step in the position of the partition bottom, although it has terminated the loser, but the momentum of the winning ball is not kept. The only comfort is Bell and I knocked out the 20th project of the season and continued to lead the whole team. Pirates’ rookie pitcher Khaler 5.0 lost 4 points, 2 of whom, compared to the previous performance, but the current self-blame is still as high as 10.50.

Jinxi 2-16 sportsman

The Jinyu scene encountered blood washing, and it was a good opportunity to combat data for the opponent’s player.

Under the mating of this game, the sportswell striking, Davis, La Razzano, Piscotti, is contributing to 3 points, La Razzano also knocked out 4 security 3 points.

Giant 0-9 Dodge

The giant smashing the enemy, and pulled a bureaucracy behind the partition, but today was a ruthless counterattack, and the big score lost.

Dodge opens, the first rods of Peterson, and Turner’s long-playing point, let Daoqi receive 2 points. Although the giant has not contributed, it is only 2 points
behind, and there is still a chasing hope. However, in the case of the seventh game, the two were out of the game, they were bombarded by Ernand, and the gap was completely opened. The giants lost the possibility of winning. Kak 4 was over 7.0 bureaus and was hit 3 security.

Royal 9-0 sailor

The royal family once again sent a big win sailor, Merfield big kills the ring, 4 players 3 security hits 6 points, and ran back 3 points, it is a single ring. Soreger also knocked out the spring fireworks. The good investment of Bayi is also the key to the Royal winning. The 7.2 bureau’s pool was hit 5 security, and six three-oscillated 2 times.