MLB – The most common story of the United States is the most, he hits the rebound ball and is guarded and hits the wall.

On October 15th, Beijing time, the MLB Meeting Championships in the MLB Meeting, the second game, Boston’s red socks were finally defeated with the Houston space in 7-5, and the series of results were equal to 1 win 1 loss.

Ma Wenzale is undoubtedly the largest league player in this game “story”. First, the rebound will accidentally smash his foot, and then the back is unexpected, and the wall metal plate is suspected to be lying. On the ground, it is also a baseball in the exterior wall along the “play”. Muqi-Bates all the way to run a shy, Jose – Otti is the farthest homes in history.

Gonzalez swing stick rebound

Effective on the 7th stick of space people to play Mawen-Gonzalez, which is undoubtedly the second “story” of the United States Championship. In the second half of the second half, the red socks were first picked up. David Ples, Gonzalect actively waved the accident, the baseball wiped the bomb, but he fateled to the ground but smashed his foot. Since there is no
protective gear protection due to the misunderstanding, Gonzalez hurts to throw away the ball immediately, and the foot is so embarrassing, and the follow-up return, the earth is blocked.

Cole god hide to avoid Bobgzad

The spaceman first pitched Grit-Cole in the second half of the third game, first is a relaxed three vibrant socks 3rd JD-Martinez out, but face the praise-Bogagz is knocking out Helping, the more unexpected flying ball is straight to Go. Agile Kori immediately got a god to avoid the flying ball, unfavorable result is that Buggugz has formed a smooth way. The case of Zhang Jiafu has passed the situation of pitcher and stretching his legs, just considering that the future career suggestion is best not easy to try.

Gonzaler rear collision wall is flat

Red Soy 5th stick Steve Pierce directly knocked out the flat flying ball in the second half, served as the left outer wilderness of the space man, accurately positioned, but Let Pierce form an actions to advance to two or three bases. According to slow motion video playback, Gonzale is just hitting the metal fixing plate of the exterior wall, because the body is unaracted, and the game is interrupted, and there is the lowest situation in the future. Gonzalez was confirmed by a team doctor and a protective man, and he got a tribute to the first hair pitcher Grite Cole.

Gonzalez is guarded by baseball “play”

Mawen, who is injured to persecess the mating – Gonzalez, is also quite uncomfortable, but also to let a crying scene in the second half of the third game. At that time, the 8th stick (small) Jieky-Bradley was knocked out of the long-played situation, and the long-played shot will be opened 3 points and more than 5-4. The red socks continue to hold the second base. Actimators. It is just that Brad has raided the baseball “naughty”, which rebounds fly to the exterior wall is rolling all the way. I saw Gogosalez in close the exterior to run, but the baseball was “comfortable” after “play” Gonzalers after a few seconds after a few seconds.

Bates all the way in the past

Muqi-Bates as the Pioneer of Red Socks is very “lucky” in the second half of the 7th game, and facing the Lans McCalus that the space operates actively changed the investment. base. Since then, the spaceman is officially opened in the embarrassing mode of the series of mistakes, although using McCaleus San Zhen Andrew Benejudi, McCalus trains and catcher Martin Maldado’s compassion, the mistakes are constantly incorrect, in the three vibration After the JD-Martinez, it was Maldado to catch a mistake. Bates ran in two bases in turn, the three bases and home bases were relaxed to 6-4, and the red hose was completely relied on the space. Various critical strianess incorrectly delivered.

Jinbreier close the ball show

The reddings were arranged in the 9th game, and the Ginger-Gold Brey was closed. The finalists’ pool pose were quite rampant. I saw Jinbreier preparatory action before the official pitcher, and the bending arms kept in front of the body and visited the front, the second martial arts novel did not have the “蟆” style of the earth. Although Jinbreier has successively slammed into the series of peaceful, it is still in a series of peaceful, but still relying on the Shengyu, which is killed.

Otti’s farthest homes

It is worth mentioning that the Space Man 2nd Bar Step – Otti in the upper half of the 9th game, face the Kreger-Jinbreier pitching decisive, not only directly knocking out to send George – Spring Run back home, at the same time, for the space man, the score to 5-7 reserves the hope, and this “green monster” is rebounded to the venue. The commentary of Zhang Jiafu, this is the farthest homes in history. Unfortunately, the Alex Bregman hits the best, and there is no additional score after the O’奥 维 垒.