James infected new crown! 3 times of detection 2 times! Emergency return Los Angeles

Beijing time December 1

After finishing Barbie Q

Prepare today and grato

As a result, the headline reported that the old Zhan actually crowned!

Lakers today

James Due to Trigger Alliance Health and Security Agreements

Will absence today with the king

Subsequent, Shams reported

Multiple sources revealed

James must obtain two negative results within 24 https://www.nbatrikots4.com hours

Otherwise, at least 10 days!

Note woj also said

James is expected to absent several games

In addition, according to the Alliance’s Epidemic Prevention Regulations

Player If the new crown detection is positive

I will isolate at least 10 days

The Baller is reported to see it.

Is the old Zhan diagnosed a new crown? Is it true?

Soon Baller to check it out

Found that the domestic and foreign network is all the news of the old crow

Among them, media people @ 双 also issued a dynamic expression:

Message from people around James

He is the new crown detection positive

According to NBA epidemic prevention rules

At least 10 days needed

Or get two negative results that are separated from 24 hours to come back

Then foreign media TMZ also reported

Today, James has accepted https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com three nucleic acid detection today.

The first result is positive

The second (PCR) results are negative

The third time is positive

Currently diagnosed as invisible infection

The Lakers have arranged a private plane.

Send him back to Los Angeles

General NBA has a player diagnosed new crown

The report and the team official will not be directly explained

They all triggered a safety health agreement

Looking at the news on the Internet

This time old crowd should be true.

The biggest problem now is not the game.

Everyone knows

Recently, there are new new crown new variant strains.

According to Li Shuangfu again revealed

James’s test sample will be further detected

Also determine if it is the latest OMICRON!

I hope only ordinary new crown

Before triggering security and https://www.maillotbasket6.com health protocol

James has missed 11 games because of injuries.

It’s hard to get rid of it.

The previous 15 seasons he missed 71 games.

And the last four seasons he had absent 71 games

Although I said that we have not admitted

But the old man is really old.

If there is a message behind

It is said that Lao Zhan is not a diagnosis just close contact.

Termination takes for at least 10 days

Close contact also requires two nucleic acid detection through

Probably 4-5 days

This is for the Lakers and Lao Zhan

Both a heavy blow

You must know that after James is over the end

A total of 3 games

The average can get 34 points 8.7 Assist 5.7 rebound!

39 points 6 assists in the walker 5 rebounds, the hit rate is 45%

For the king 30 points 11 assists 7 rebounds, the hit rate is 40%

3 points for the piston 5 assists 5 rebounds, the hit rate is 60%

He is too important to the Lakers.

This season is now

James came 11 times

Watch 25.8 points 5.2 rebound 6.8 assists 1.8 steals

See James now absent a few games

This is a serious test for the Lakers.

Do you have a revenge for the king today?

There is also a strong crowbow, and the whole team includes the family.

Will not be affected by Lao Zhan

More than Lahan

According to Pacers reporter Scott Agness

Justin Holiday also triggered the Alliance Health and Security Agreement

Will absence the game tomorrow

May be a crown

Baller saw a netizen’s hot review

The US vaccine is really unfast

Even if the player has hit the needle, it will be infected.

This is more voiced here.

This is really a European god.https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com

I haven’t seen the vaccine until now.

Our country now has some small-scale outbreaks

So everyone travels or puts a mask

Epidemic prevention measures must be done well

Although the medical level is developed

But the crown is not a joke.

I hope that Lao Zhan and Holleri have no problem.

Returning to the stadium as soon as possible!