Giant No. 6 show perfectly connected to Xiaomaning? This iconic bitter gourd face has been like a touch

The outside world seems to have made the worst decision in the draft conference. Last week, the offensive group coach Mike Shura said that if the team needs, the rookie quarter Swanier Jones has prepared it in the first week of regular season. This sentence has attracted a fierce discussion, and the fans have tested Schula’s words, and Xiaoman Ning did not guarantee in the 2019 season.

Shura has his truth about this six-shot of a rookie quarter. “His offensive rhythm is really fast.” Jones left a deep impression on the teammates Evan Engham. In an interview, Ingram praised him: “They (defense) have been giving He applied pressure, but he handled very well. “Although Jones has harvested the praise of teammates so far, the current training stage is completely unhappy, which is completely two concepts in the game.

From the voluntary training camp to the mandatory training camp to a variety of team activities, before the official season training camp and the preseason start, the front team did not allow top 1, so the passage of the quadrant is also very easy. Considering the existence of Elays Manning, one is the four-point guard of the team’s past, one is the four-point guard in the future, and the competition between the two people seems very fierce. “Eli looks very good, constantly moving, according to the coach requirements, almost all the balls are all in place. He is also the Eli, great.”

There is something in Shura, but General Manager Jeff Gatman is still very trusting Xiaomanning. Gatman can say that it is the most stubborn general manager of NFL (otherwise it will not decide to choose Jones), and always say that Xiao Manning will It is the first quarter of the regular season. Even if Shermore or Shura wants to make changes, Gatman may also maintain his own absolute authority.

Two people have been waiting for a long time, and the expression movements imitate each other will be more and more like, this is the same in NFL. More famous is Tom-Bradi and Jimmy-Garlodo’s God synchronized, seeing you will make you feel creepy. Although Daniel Jones arrived in New York, it was a little one fell again, a little smile, a small expression, it has been a bit mean with the boss, don’t believe you look at this picture below.

Red small vest, blue helmet, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t tell you who is Little Manning, who is Jones, the latter will be a small Manning iconic frowning and bitter gourd face, even the angle of lips and The action is exactly the same! Even than Beile-Manning is more like Elays Manning! It seems that Jones is determined to learn from the old brother, and you can’t let go! However, if the giants really have two Manning, I don’t know if it is lucky or unfortunate …

Although it is a bitter, this brother looks still a bit sweet, the air is filled with love of the sour taste!