Attacking the dumb-fur frequency gift, the partzas civil warfare passengers 17-27 burst over the tiger

At 9:20 on December 22, 2020, Beijing, China, Cincinnati, the hometown of the Tiger, Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelman. Although the two team fighters are different, the steel man has achieved the best 11 wins and 0 losses of the team this season, and the game was also determined earlier before the start of the game. After the Tiger’s wrath wiped the yuan last season, the finals will continue this season, and only 2 victories before the start of this game. However, the team of two Mei Lianbei people meets the performance of the opponent, especially between the two teams between the steel people and the Tiger two teams are not even the matter. In the end, the Tiger is home to 27-17 to win the steel person.

Wonderful review:

After the start of the game, the two teams were unable to play. Until the first competition started 6 minutes, the steel man quit the ball before the four-point guards, directly let the tiger attacked from the steel man red area. However, the attack of the tiger is not satisfactory, and ultimately only a free kick, 3-0. The first quarter 55 seconds before the end of the first quarter, the steel man’s number one takes behind Zhu Zhu – Schthz Shzt takes off, let the tiger have made the ball.

After the second quarter started 3 minutes, the Tiger ran to Yooney Bernard rushed into the steel man in the steel man, helping the tiger again, 10-0. 6 minutes prior to the end of the half, the steel man quadrupted the ball was passed by the tiger, and the opponent was directly attacked from the steel man red zone. Tiger quartz Wei Ruien-Finley 4 minutes before the end of the game, or shortly passed to the running 卫 g g g g g ggvani Bernard, the latter rushed into the array, completed the reached, 17-0.

After the start of the second half, the steel person’s offense finally returned to normal level. After 3 minutes of competition, the steel man took over the four-point guard of the large-end connection, Del And Johnson took the reachable, helping the team to recover 7 points, 17-7. 5 minutes prior to the end of the competition, the steel man won a free kick, continued to recover 3 points, 17-10.

However, the steel man’s defensive group seems to be a bit unstoped. After 3 minutes of the fourth quarter, the Tiger quartz Wei Fenli will take the ball to rush into the steel man’s side, help the team expanded the leading advantage, 24 -10. 5 minutes before the end of the competition, the steel man runs Ben Ni-Snell, rushed into the tiger array, recovered 7 points, 24-17. At the end, the steel man fails, and the tiger is still in the last moment, and 27-17. The steel man defeated the tiger on Monday night.

Team prospect:

The two teams have long decided this last season, and the steel person has locked the seasons seat early. However, before the steel person, 11 consecutive wins were questioned, especially recent recent failures. The main coach of the steel man Mike Tomlin and the Quadruple Big Ben Ben is undoubtedly a member of the Future Famous Hall. However, after this season, after the opening of such a historical level, if the playoff can only be swimming, it is a bit not too. The tiger should be ready to prepare for next year, but the competition in the champion is fierce, they basically have the first round of the first round.

Player data

Steelman quadruposed 38 pass 20, 170 yards, 1 time reached, 1 time being copied. Running Ben Ni-Snell 18th sports ball, 84 yards, 1 time Deta. External handle Diante – Johnson 8 times, 59 yards, 1 time reached.

Tiger quadrotae Wei Ren – Finley 13 passed 7, 89 yards, 1 time reached. Run Giovanni Bernard 22 running ball 79 yards, 1 time reached. AJ-Green twice on the ball, 40 yards.