Washington 17-15 dangerous Sea Eagle Washington end Monday night game does not win a record

On November 30, Beijing time, NFL’s 12th week of regular season welcomes the night of Night, Washington football team, at home, in the main court, served Seattle Hawks. It is also a low score, because Washington is injured in the game, Washington is a large number of strong play and two points in front of the end area, which makes the game wonderful. The sea eagle offense lacks explosive power, causing the defensive group to stay on the field, and finally bury the game. The score is fixed at 17-15, Washington defeated the Hawks.

Wonderful review

The Washington team advised with their slow attack, but after the ball hit the red area, the Run Gitzen’s continuous punch was stopped by the Hawks. Playing the ball Joji-S-Ryan 26 yards, for this long-term attack, score 3-0.

The sea eagle also found the offensive rhythm, Russel-Wilson long-circled connected Taylor Rockte completed 55 yards, and behind the three gears, found near-end Edge, Efrett Score, Haiying’s anti-ratios, 7-3.

56 seconds left before the end of the first half, Washington once again advanced into the red area. At this time, the four-point Wei Haini uses the screen short pass, running the guard J.D. Macquard complexes 10 yards to reach, score 9-7.

At this time, a very funny scene appeared. The additional points of Washington were blocked and directly became a live ball to the Haiying player, and the Haiyue eagle player directly held the ball to enter the reachable area. According to the rules, this ball is used as a two-point additional points, and the sea eagle pulls the score, 9-9.

The second half competition, Washington once again played a wave of offensive, or Macquesic! This time he got to the pavement. Because of the injury of playing, Washington directly selects two points to convert, running the Gibenon, Washington 17-9 leading the sea eagle.

The fourth game, Washington continues to advance, and use the mushroom attack to get the first attack. At the last moment, Washington 4th filed balls were blown off after refereving, and left it to the end of the Hawks.

The Hawks use 2 minutes, but also from Wilson to find Rockte to complete the Dalun, but two points are converted by KC Dollers, and the score is fixed at 17-15, Washington wins.

Player data

Washington: Sixty-point Weihek 35 passed 27 promoted 223 yards 1 to 1 time being copied; running guards Anthony – Gibson 29 shouted push into 111 yards; Deta, 5 times, promote 26 yards 1 to more

Haiying: Siwumei Wilson 31 pass 20 promotes 247 yards 2 to 2 Dalun, external hand Lowt 3 times to promote 96 yards

Summary of the game

The process of the game is relatively fast, the Washington team uses a lot of road attack time, and it has played a very good effect, just like they have a few weeks ago. The Sea Eagle will be nearly 100 files to be in the court this season. Today, it has reached more than 110 files. This causes the offensive group to be unable to debut, even if it goes on the field, it is also reactive to the next half of the next half. After the game, the Haiying is completely considered a last season.