The rocket star three pairs are gone! Shen Jing took the initiative to let the rebound are not counting small ports being lost 1 rebound

On December 1st, Beijing time, defeating the
Thunder in the previous day, the small port is only the quarter of 4 in the audience, but gets 11 + 10 + 11 three-parallel data, complete the first three pairs of career. It’s just now reported that the 10th rebound of Burto is canceled according to the name of Zach Lowe.

In the last rocket season, defeating the Thunder’s battle, the smallburt is in good quasi-star, only the iron pattern of 4 in 17, especially the external three-pointers 8. However, small-port is brought by excellent pass, and he sends 11 assists and helps the team 6 people to win.

At the fourth game, it is 1 minute 21 seconds, and the smallburt is only one rebound. At this time, the rocket is a rebound, and it is a small Porter to go to the basket, and small port is only reacted to take the rebound and achieve the first three pairs of career.

Just now reported that the NBA League re-judged after returning to the video, it was considered that the 10th rebound of the small Porter was invalid, but Shen Jing took the basketball, it should be the rebound of Shenjing, and thus the trend of the small waveite for the first time Double also bubbled.