The dispute between the 1st western Curia hits 17 iron, Paul 15 + 6 + 11, the sun wins the Warriors Flat Record

Today’s NBA regular season, the two team warriors in the western parties meet in the sun, and this game is also the battle of focus.

At the beginning of the game, you came to me to lead my lead, and the Warriors played a wave of 17-8 under the leader of Po. The first quarter ended, the Warriors 35-31 Sun.

Enter the next session, the Warriors continued to have a good feeling of good feelings in the last section and gradually pulling the difference. However, after the segment of this section, the sun suddenly played a wave 14-2 score climax to divide the division and contrast. At the end of the half, the Sun 56-54 Warriors.

Easy side will fight again, the sun played a wave of 14-7 to pull the division to 9 points, and the Warriors after this section respected a wave of 14-5 score climax. At the end of the three, the Sun 80-78 Warriors.

At the end of the decisive battle, the game still continued the glue, the key moment, the sun put a wave of 12-3 scores and killed the game, the warrior was
unable to return to the day. At the end of the game, the sun – the victory of the Warriors, the seventeen consecutive victory, also reversed the opponent.


Warrior data: Jordan Poole 26 points 5 rebounds 3 assists; Otto Potter 16 points 6 rebounds 3 assists; Stephen-Cuiri 12 points 3 rebounds; Andrew-Wights 10 points 3 rebounds; Draymond Green 6 points 10 rebounds 5 assists.

Sun Data: De Andre – Enton 24 points 11 rebound; Cameron – Johnson 14 points 4 rebounds; German Boke 10 points; Chris Paul 15 points 6 rebound 11 assists; Jie Claude 14 6 rebounds.

After the sun wins this game, the record of the Sun and Warriors is 18 wins and 3 losses. The sun rises to the western part by defeating the performance advantage of the Warriors today. The sun reverse the warrior came to the first position in the west.

In addition, they got 17 consecutive victories this season, flatcase the longest winning record of the team, which was the longest winner of the solar team in the 2006-2007 season.

The Sun Team Old Gigado Kee Luo Paul continued to stabilize in this game, 39 minutes, get 15 points 6 rebounds 11 assists 5 steals, shoot 13 in 12, led the sun to win this important game.

And the warrior star Stephen – Curry is in a good man in the game, 35 minutes of the game, only 4 in the shoot 21, only 12 points and 3 rebounds 2 assists 1 steals 1 cover, it can be described as putting the basket Crooked.

However, the feeling is not good, the state is inherently true, and the performance in this game is really bad, but I believe that he can adjust it, look forward to his performance after the game.