That ubiquitous glass heart: how NFL players face network keyboard after the game

November 23 (Wen / ESPN JEREMY FOWLER Compile / White) The Cleveland Brown recently cut the safety Weijiemein, Jermaine Whitehead, and the reasons for the disloquibility is simple. White Haye threatened the fans on Twitter. His practice lets Pittsburgh steel owned line of Bud Dupree produces some resonance, because Duppi usually likes people.

In the second week of the 2018 season, the ugly lost to the Chief Emirates of Kansas City, Deturi returned to the locker room to grab the mobile phone. He usually likes to look at the information before leaving the shoulder, and see what is the way in this game. Every Sunday, almost all of the dressing rooms will stage this scene. When the player returns to the locker, many people will pick up the phone before doing other things, because of the curious scroll screen, I hope to see your own performance can be hot on the social platform. Justin Bethel.

Some news will directly affect the mood of the player, and a rude response will even affect their career. Duppi knows this truth, he didn’t open it directly like Waite Hain, because it is too radical, there will be no good fruit. But for many NFL players, it is difficult to gram your emotions, it is like talking to you. But at this moment, Duapi reminds everyone that impulsive is the devil.

“Those keyboard men don’t look at us, in their eyes, we are just a player. Players are also people, they will never understand this.” Duppi said.

Duppi said that those who have jealousy are always in your eyes. He has seen countless sprayed speech. “NXXXXX” This naked race discrimination is speech. There is no technical content of these spurtings, and Duiri can endure. He can’t stand the heart. For example, once he saw “You TM, a whole game, what to break the XX competition”, Duppi can’t help. He is nearly invisible in that game, and only two crisps have a foul in violation of neutral districts, but he believes that people don’t have to talk about it.

Tell friends and teammates will respond, but they all smile. “You don’t think he really dares to send back,” the front steel people queue offers Arthur Moats said that he played with Dopp in 2015, now they still Chat online in the quarter. As a result, Dufei really sent a private letter to that fans. The content is “I am now lying in your boudoir, don’t run!” After this is exposed, the heat rises rapidly, even though Durmel think he has already Very clicking, but his way directly to the fans sent a private letter to the spray.

“I don’t mean that I have no time to take care of you, I don’t mean that I can endure everything,” Detry said: “I hope that the fans are a bit, know the differences. But when we as a professional player, we I have to do better, so I can’t say what I said in the Internet. “

According to NFL stations, players and coaches must not publish any dynamics on social media within 90 minutes after kicking until the media interview ends. The team is generally in accordance with NFL rules, and some small rules are not set. A source of NFL said that in recent years, the alliance generally will generally be fined because the players are illegal, and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson “is he remembers that the league is the last time because of violating the Provisions punishment players.

NFL players will occasionally give players some daily reminders: Don’t send some things you don’t want your grandmother to make your grandmother, let us behave like an adult, and so on. But this does not mean that the player can’t be returned online, which makes the rules of the league become meaningless, and it is natural and bigger.

“Sometimes it takes more time to digest, depending on your fire.” Brown main coach Freddy-Kitty-Kitty, said that he decided to cut White Hide. “Everyone wants to play a good ball, no one wants to win, but things don’t always grow in the direction you think, but no matter what happens, you have a lot of rotten, you need to treat it with a normal heart. Anything that happened in the game. You must find a positive direction, and try to make yourself better. “

It sounds easy to do it, and the players who have been imbalanced in the mind are often exploding in the spot on the ground. ESPN has repeatedly tried to interview White Hyde, but he ended in failure. It is reported that White Haide is not ahead of the kind of brain, but thinking about it after a while. According to the player’s own feelings, they said that you may not see the most explosive content for the first time, and the strike is the most deadly.

“After the game is over, it is when you want to turn your own account, because you will think, ‘I am playing in that game, is the fan noticed?’ You know that you are a public figure, as a professional rugby player There are millions of eyes to stare at you. Your game is good, look at how netizen said. But sometimes I don’t think I am doing, but the twitbook tells you that it is just the opposite. Those The bad comments will be accompanied by you for a few days. “

The players can also turn over the phone when they rest in the midfield, but Dorm said that only one former steelman players like to do it, he is Antonio Brown. Some people in the middle are all adjusted or went to the toilet, and Brown is busy with the social account. Dorm also recalls the allo-guards to comfort another steel people who are harmed by network violence.

This spring, Arizona Red Colk, MARCUS Gilbert, told Espn, which he believed that social media criticism affected his performance on the field. These comments smashed his heart, let him feel that the expectations of the team live, live up to the trust of teammates, the feeling is the most uncomfortable.

For those who commit serious mistakes in the game, the twitches after the game are simply hell. The ninth week of the competition of the Indianapolis Pima, the steel man runs the Jaylen Samuels. However, the final steel man is still thrilling, and Samuel completed 13 batches in the game. After the game is over, Samuel looks forward to what the fans will say.

The first thing he was at the end of the game was to press the HOME button on the iPhone and then let the full screen flooded him. I saw it, and he saw two to three negative comments, but these comments did not remember after a week. “You receive all these comments, all these push, no more urgent to know how others evaluate you.” Samuel said: “I don’t know why, generally those things will not affect me, I will not Go back, I only do what I should do. “

Whenever someone sees Bessel misses, he will be laughing. But the special group player has stayed in the Alliance for 8 years, he will not care about those mocking because they don’t understand football. “For me, no matter what they say, I will not affect my play, and I will not affect what I want.” Besr said: “Even if they say some of the reasonable spectral, it is difficult to spray you. First, I will never meet the keyboard, you can’t affected my next thing. The sun will rise as usual in the next day, I will still get on time every morning and continue my work. “

If you want to keep your rice bowl, do something less, this is the rule of NFL survival. The left side of the steel people Alejandro Villanueva believes that the social media is now unheasten, which is very unhealthy. This is what he usually goes directly after the head of Mike Toms, who is fully speaking, and does not look at the reason.

Brunt Queo-Xiao Bot is a glass heart, he knows his shortcomings, so he will not be able to stay away from social media. After the game, you only use your mobile phone to call your wife or parents or send text messages. Xiao Bot was surprised by White Haye, he knew that White Hained was a great player. He must not help but make an inexpected behavior.

Xiao Bot said: “Whenever I see their stupidity, I am really angry, I want to go to those who are stupid. This is why I am far away from social media.” Compared to other professional sports alliances, NFL Always actively touch fans through social media, but on the other hand, social media seems to make many players lose their self. If some players are glass heart properties, it is still far from social media. G