Space people Xiu Xulidi into the world contest, the first five games 0 lost one three giants

October 27, the first three battles in the MLB World Competition in the 2019 season, the three star pitcher in Houston Spaceman – Grrit Cole, Justin Verland, Grande (Zack Greinke) launched, but the spaceman finally changed only a total score 1-2 backward situation. So in the fourth battle in the World Competition, Houston Spaceman took the initiative to change, and the 24-year-old rookie pitcher Jose-Uld Urquidy was sent first.

This game, the 24-year-old Urji took out the spirit of the newly bonus calf. In the face of the powerful line of Washington, the powerful line of the playoffs, Urquary did not leave too many opportunities for the opponent. He first sent 67 balls in 5 bureaus. 2 失 支 0 odds. Excellent performance, completely curb the fight against the Washington National Team.

In most of this season, Urji Di is the small parliament of the space man. In the MLB Grand Union, Uldi has played a total of 9 games in July and September, throwing 40 Zhen Zhen, got 2 wins and 1 debts, and the self-sharing rate reached 3.95.

In July this year, Uldi Di is five games for the space, and the self-blade rate is only 5.87; but in September, Urji’s play is bright, he has a total of 4 times, two times , Pitching 18 games out of 16, three vibration, and self-blame rate of 1.95.

The outstanding playback of Urji Di is the important reason for this young man to win the opportunity of the world contest. In the fourth battle of the partition series of Tampa Bay, Urquadi completed 1.2 bureaus, throwing 3 times, there was no loss; in the fourth battle of the United States Championships, the United States Championship, Urji Duankeging 2.2 bureau smashed 5 振 三 振 1 1 point. As a rookie player, his playoffs is quite satisfactory.

The fourth battle of the World Contest is crucial for Houston Spaces, winning the competition space to completely reverse, pull the series to the same running line. Regardless of the idea and arrangement of Urji Di, it can be seen that Houston Space people have great hopes for this young pitcher.

When Urji is issued, many people think that they are only a false first, but in fact, considering the relatively balanced lineup of Washington, there is nothing necessary, and there is nothing necessary. Moreover, this is not a style of space. As the Tall Head AJ-Schidge (AJ Hinch said, if Uldi is good, he will continue. Obviously, Urji Di in this game is the space of the space.

“As long as he is good enough, he can have been cast. I have no predetermined plan for him. How many balls he should invest, how many bureaus should be made, this is the fourth of the World Competition. All things are considering, now this young man has a ball. “Obviously, for this young pitcher, Simic coach is quite optimistic.

In the end, Urji Did did not live up to the trust of the coach. Talking about the stunning play of the first show of the World Competition, this teenager is very excited, he is straightforward: “I am very
happy, as a Mexican, this opportunity is really difficult. Can stand this position, I will do my best Have a good game and create opportunities for the team. “

Before Uldi, only two Mexican Pitches were held in the World Competition in MLB history. The speed of the speed of the right pitcher reaches 95 times, and the speed of the speed is very large, and it is his hand. In his career, he is very good at restricting the left hand, and we also see that in the world contest, the three-ivifier solves the wonderful performance of Juan Soto.

In addition, the personal mentality of Uldi Di is very steady. He has no young people’s heart, he knows how to work well in the spotlight.

“I tried to concentrate, I learned how to shoot in three games, I have already prepared it.”