On the 12th, the contract summary: the raid personnel have a number of signing of the red skin sign before defending the star

Pirates will take away De肖 Enen – Jackson trading to the eagle

US Tuesday, according to Sirius XM NFL Broadcasting Channel reporter Adam Caplan reported that pirates and ears have been agreed on transaction details, and the pirate will take the Exceive Denen Jackson to the eagle. According to NBCS reporter Derrick Gunn, the eagle will send a six-round sign in 2019 to obtain a pirate 2020 seven-round sign.

Return to the eagle is also the wish of Jackson himself. Earlier Monday, he said on social media that he would not stay in the pirate.

“In Tampa’s experience is great, it is ultimately not suitable.” Jackson wrote, “I look forward to my next destination, don’t miss the news.”

This move will help the sea to take 10 million US dollars. In the six seasons of the eagle effective, Jackson completed 59 battles per year, pushed 1020 yards, reached 5 times.

Bill will be with Run Frank Gore for a year

According to media reports such as ESPN, NFL NetWork, Bill will sign with the old Frank Gore for one year and contract salary of $ 2 million. At present, the Bill team has two runners of Le Shean McCoy and Chris Ivory, and the three have exceeded 30.

Although Gore May is 36 years old, he does not lose to young people in the performance of pony and dolphins in recent years. In the 2018 season, he was playing 14 games in the dolphins, 156 times, and pushed 722 yards. Bill is $ 75 million in space to use, and it is not a problem. But they can also rely on running guards through the draft.

Gore Carest Washproof Push 14748 yards, reaching 77 times, complete 455 shots, advanced 3796 yards, reaching 18 times. Undoubtedly, he will be selected in the future.

Jet close to signing away, Jiemenson Claude

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, jet proximity to sign, Jamison, Jamison Crowder. According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, the contract is expected to be a three-year value of $ 28.5 million, of which $ 17 million is fully guaranteed.

Craward’s probably served as trough, with Robby Anderson and Quincy Ennunwa. In addition, he will compete with Andre Roberts to abandon the kickback task.

Claude is a four-wheeled show in Hongfei 2015. He has completed 64 batches in the past three seasons, and the 746.7 yard is promoted. But he was injured last year, only 7 games, completed 29 battles, pushed 388 yards, reached 2 times.

Red leather will be with Safety, Guylon-Collins, Signing for 6 years

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Hongki will sign a six-year $ 84 million contract with the former giants safe Guanden Collins, including 45 million US dollars. Gold will be paid in the first three years.

Collins is 25 years old and is a two-round show of giants. It has been highlighted in the past four seasons. He is since 2015, the only player who has completed at least 400 hugs and 30 ruins, and the only safety guards who have completed at least 95 times each season.

Because of Tour, Haha Clinton-Dix, it enters the free market, supplementing safety guard against red skin. Can sign in the 3 times selected professional bowl of Colinns, and the best lineup will be precious. Of course, the location of Collins is strong, which is the same as Clinton Dix.

The lion will sign the contract with Tre-Flals for five years

Another player who has played a player of the patriot has joined the lion.

US time on Thursday, according to the Adam Schefter .

The US East Time Wednesday afternoon, the team will formally sign a contract after the new alliance.

Frales is the strongest hand in the patriots in the past few years, it is worth this price. The original first round of Shiqikir-Asa has entered the free market, and the lion is needed to supplement the defensive front line. Flals has worked in the patriots with the lions, and his speed, strength, work concept and skill diversity are worth looking forward to.

Flalles can not only win at the outside, but also the ones and opposite offensive strokes.

In the four seasons of the patriots, Flals completed 164 cuddles, 21 killing.

Auckland raids will sign the front patriots left cut Trent – Brown

Trent Brown is considered to be one of the most hot players in the free player market, and now he has found it.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Brown plans to sign a contract with the Auckland raid according to the informed people, and the contract was 66 million US dollars, including $ 36.75 million full guarantee income. The two sides have been in principle to reach a consensus. The details of the contract remain to be improved. It is expected that Brown will officially join the raid.

Brown has protected the blind side of Tom Brady last season and helped new England patriot to win the super bowl of championship. Nowadays, the raiders will get a proven to have their own outstanding attack.

The 25-year-old Brown left tunnel and the right trip can be taken, and the high salary of the raid means he will take the left side. His arrival will allow the raid to move the first year’s first-round show to the right.

Signing Brown, plus the previous trading to get an external connector Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown), the raid is upgraded the offensive group, which allows them to have a huge progress on the basis of 4 wins last year.

The raid person will sign the security Wei Marka-Joeaner

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the raid will sign a four-year contract with the pre-martial arts of Walmakus-Joeaner.

Not yet announced before the contract details. According to ESPN reporters, contract annual salary is $ 10.5 million.

Joyner is a two-round show of the ram, and the label contract played last season. That season before being labeled label, he completed 3 copy, 9 times destroyed. But the defensive efficiency last season has declined, only copied once, 3 times destroyed. How much is related to his mission by Marcus Pites. However, he completed a total of 78 hugs last season, and this data is a good career.