NBA- only 19 hit three points, Cheng history first! Congratulations, I exceed myself

NBA regular season, Jinzhou Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Clippers at 105-90, and 7 consecutive victories, the record came to 18 wins and 2 negatives, and still reached the first place. This game was once again a protagonist, 35 minutes, 22 shots 12, three-pointers 13, 7, cut 33 points 5 rebound 6 assists 6 steals comprehensive data. In addition, Curre created a record of history and only used a three-point three points in 19 games.

This game is the first three points, and there is no chance to get too much in the library. Directly, the first quarter is going to finish the three points; then the performance of Kuri is also intermittent, the clipping is also tight Biting a score, can enter the last section in the game, Curry once in the basket was destroyed by Mann, but the referee did not blow penalty, just gave the warrior frontal ball. This also allowed the Curry to be completely angry. It is a mad spray against the referee, and the referee is not hesitant. It gives him a technical foul.

Take a look at this picture, or Andon stopped, the referee estimate must expel the library. After the penalty technology is penalized, the fighting spirit in Curi is completely protected, and the clippers are a bit unlucky and become a vented object. After
that, in 70 seconds, the rehanging hit three points in a rit, and pulled the difference in 18 points, and the game lost the suspense.

After the game, I said: “I think I am fouled, so I want my emotions to vent. After venting, I will definitely let me excite me with my team. I am obvious, I have to transfer this emotional Go to the venue. I am very happy to help us open the situation later. “

After getting 33 points, Curry and Durant’s score of Durant came to the same running line. The two played 19 games, and they won 544 points, and the scores of 28.6 points were collected in parallel. One. Is this brother discussing good? The letter brother behind him is a bit anxious, you are so modest, it is better to let me go directly.

After adding 7 minutes, Kuri has already hit 105 three points in the season, only spent 19 games, and has become the first.

This Curry surpass is not someone, but his own record, he used 20 games in 20 games in the 2015-16 season and 2018-19. In addition, this is a competition of at least 7 of the Trinity of the Trial Career. The first is the first, and the second is Harden, only 42 times.

Nowadays, Curi is getting closer and closer to the total number of regular sessions from Ray Allen. In 2021, it is certain that we can complete the surpassment, let us look forward to the wonderful moment.