MVP does not leave the feelings! Curry, kissed your brother, the warrior is easy to explode 76 people

Today, the Jinzhou Warriors have to carry out a NBA regular season with the Philadelphia 76 people, and finally the Warriors have exploded the 76 people in 116 to 96, and continue to win the footsteps.

The biggest point of this game may be the murder of the Curi Brothers. Stephen Kuri is the NBA’s regular season MVP level star, his child’s brother, Sees-Coiti, has a low starting point, so it is difficult to stand in the NBA, tossing multiple teams, finally became a main player in the 76 people. .

This game, Stephen-Coali bombed 25 points and 10 assists, 11 shots outside the three-point line, still an amazing efficiency. But in his opposite, Cesce-Kuri also has a very good performance, he got 24 points less than 34 minutes, but in 5 in three-point line, more, more relying on the penalty area and free throws online 8 penalties Part in score.

This for the brothers have been competing in the NBA. When the prior to the Portland Pioneers team, the brothers met in the playoffs, so their parents put on different jerseys and support two sons on the spot. Unfortunately, now the parents of the Curry are being married, I don’t know how the atmosphere of this family is.

However, Stephen-Curry is obviously not given, and when he is directly facing Sess-Kuri, he makes a wonderful control technology, which directly swresses his opponent, breaking through the inner line to find a score opportunity. In the game, fans obviously like this shot.

The 76 person team is a bit less than a small battle. They were played by the Warriors for 30 to 12 attack waves, and they were pulled off at once, and they will return to the heavens. During this season, the Warriors will meet with the 76 people, and it is more expecting the
next Culi brothers.