MLB raceful beats of Greveron Zelle

With the MLB season to June, some lineup vulnerabilities in all teams slowly slowly reveal because of the performance or injury. At this time, the inside of its own system is to promote the talent of all directions and the general coaches. In the near future, because the login list has exceeded the time point that can get a year of qualifications, the ball of the player control is also wrapped in the top of the small union. These top new show, can not be poor than those venues, more likely to have been more than two years, they will also become a household star.

And in addition to the best newcomers in April, Tampa Bay’s Brandon Lowe and the Based on the New York, there are any future stars in the future. Raise? Let’s take a look at it. What are the players in the end of this season’s strong competitors?

US Alliance

Toronto Blue Birds, Tablets, Little Franrero Jr. (1) * Brand is the ranking of MLB official website 100 new show)

If Xiaogrero is the most popular star, it is the most popular star. It is estimated that there is no one will refute. After all, it is not everyone who has an explosive output small alliance season plus a Dad who is selected. Dad. Right? Since the 2015 Blue Bird Team signed the golden sign of 3.9 million US gold, Xiaogrero has always been a piece of jade in the Blue Bird Farm, and after wearing, the baseball gene in his blood is so fast to make fans Crazy. I originally thought of this year’s opening season, I can start from the list of big alliances, but the Blue Bird Team has made him more than a few week.

In the 12-game game in the small alliance, I played a 3-year-old hit and handed over the electric shot of the electric shot. He still boarded the final stage. After the low fans started, Xiagrero found that he was started to write a diary with the home base, and 4 games in nearly 6 games played, and he also opened him with a new chapter of the player’s career.

Boston Red Socks, Based Hand / Two Full Hand / Tablets, Mike Chavis (63)

One of the best powerful players in the show in 2014. Chawi is excessively wants to express yourself after entering the professional system, leading to the attack, and fails to show your first round of the price in the first three seasons in his career. After three years, I finally broke out in 2017 and returned to the sight of everyone. At high school, Chavis is still a guerrilla. After entering the occupation, the red socks will let him move to the three bases, and he also strives to improve his flexibility to adapt to the multi-strong attack of the three bases, match the upper level The arm of the arm, and he is barely qualified in three classes.

However, because the red socks also have the Rafael Devers card in front, Silhouette also tried to let Chawiis go to the second base and the first base, and pulled it in this season. Chavis. And he also got a chance. At present, 0.296 hits the hits, 9 strikes and 24 points of red socks that have retrieved in the near future also injected a strong intensive agent.

National alliance

Cincinnati Cup, Wild Hand / Outfield, Nick Senzel (4)

In 2016, the list of Sinnati, Cincinnatin saw Senzer, such as robotic stable strike capabilities. In addition to the stick in the hands, Men Zer can make the list of people under the people, and they can not miss his defensive and sports ability. He served as a three-gamement in college career, because there is a sound in the middle and foreign countries in the middle and foreign wilderness, and this season is empty in the middle and foreign countries. One month, successfully mastered the prestige of the Chinese and foreign wilders, so flexible players as a well-deserved eye.

Now, after the big alliance is now, Senzer has already shown his power (3 projector hits) and speed (5 stabilies success), and many times in Sino-foreign wild, and give him a period of time. After the threshold grade, the future red team walked a single-machine 25-stricken 25-pirated road aperture.

Colorado Squad, Barn, Brandan Rogers (10)

In the 2015 draft, the guerrilla hand has a tone of the champion, the lodging and exploration. Among these three people, two of Rogers called the names, respectively, the first Atlanta Warriors, Dansby Swanson, and the Houston Spaceman, Alex Bregman, are already in the big alliance. Contributed a lot of highlights. Rogers who have a blossom of flowers now have to join the ranks of the same latit, create the legend of the strongest guerrilla. The three are probably the highest ceiling, Rogers sag saute a small alliance of almost every level, and the only obstacle is that the two tour of Rocky is a partner of all-star level, Storery (Trevor Story) and Lemeu (DJ Lemahieu).

Now Le Mei is unsuccessful, the original two base is not able to play, and the Rocksee team called Rogers who still keeps hot hand in AAA. According to Rogers’s scout, the future of Rocky’s inner line can be said to be the sound of the artillery, Storery Plus Rogers is enough to let the national alliance’s pitcher will sorrow.

Milwaukee Silver Strong Team, Two Square, Keston Hiura (15)

Like Senel in the same region, Riup is also the most mature beat in the selection. However, different from Senzer is that the deployment of Ri Pu did not be like Senzer, and even when he was in the university because of the designated blow of the elbow. The lack of a critical position also affects his price, but it is still chosen by the winemaker team in the first round of the ninth. After entering the Small League, the Pu was placed in the second base. His gaze would not be too much challenge there, and his hit potential will cover the shortcomings of his defensive end. One has a stable blow and long gunfire, the offshore is not too much, after all, a hidden middle line talent is not anywhere, and this is the winemaker hopes that the future will become Player.

Atlanta Warriors, Three Square Hands / Outfield, Austin Riley (34)

In 2015, the Atlanta Warriors held three draft privileges in the first round. It seems that in addition to Kolby Allard is still outside the AAA level, the other two have been contributed to the Warriors. The only beats in three rookies, Riley is often seen as a pitcher when the draft is draft, but the Warrior team thinks with his strength and hits, as a player to cultivate it is worth a first round sign. Then, the first round of the first round of the first round will be incorporated.

After entering the professional system, Riles showed the power of the Warriors. It has excellent performance for 3 consecutive years. Even the performance of the defensive end has been progressing, which is almost a successor of the future. This season has signed a year short above the most valuable player Donallsen, the most valuable player of the US League, and Riley has also attached foreign countries to the small alliance.

Now because China and foreign wilder enters the list of injured soldiers due to West Atight, the outside of the field is on the top of Riley, which is rumbling in the small union. He did not let the vast ace, the second of his career hit the Chinese and foreign wilderness, and the recent performance is also good, as if it officially declares that he will have a place in the future of the Warriors.