MLB is unwilling to accept an additional 330 million loss alliance and players to pay one step is the negotiation out

The MLB resort can have a simple solution, alliances and players are close to the reality.However, the negotiation process is dragged into arrogant, greed and stubborn quagmire.The answer is also obvious – the essence of deadlock and differences is a battle for hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is only a negligible part of the grand baseball economy, and MLB’s annual income is usually reached a billion dollars.Although hundreds of millions of dollars do not be ignored, this is not worth caught in a comprehensive labor war.The following digital calculations show the possibility and necessity of both parties.

How much loss can be accepted

First, there are two real prerequisites:

1. Alliance is willing to pay the player salary according to the proportion of the session in the 48th season.

2. The Players Association is willing to play 82 games on the premise of paying wages.

Despite the agreements of the two sides reached a proportional payment, the Alliance believes that if the game will be carried out, the terms in the agreement allow for adjustment.

Three important contents illustrate the possibility of agreement between the two parties:

1. If the team pays the player’s salary, each game will cost approximately $ 16.75 million. Both the player association and the alliance agree with this number.

2. The Alliance said in the financial
report giving the Player Association, each game will bring $ 980,000 in local broadcast revenue. In the 162 full season, this part of the income is $ 2.38 billion; if the regular season is playing 48 games, it can revenue 700 million US dollars, and 82 games can be incorporated by $ 1.2 billion. Although the player association puts a lot of objections, it is generally believed that the local broadcast income is actually around $ 2.4 billion.

3. The fiscal report of the Alliance also claims that each game will be lost in 2020, and the team will lose $ 640,000. The Players Association requires the alliance to provide documents to prove their authenticity. The Alliance uses a simple formula – to reduce local income, plus 55,000 US dollars per game from other aspects, and draw a loss of 6.95 million US dollars.

40% of all revenues from tickets, franchise, parking fees, and other game revenue. Because the competition is subject to epidemic, the alliance will suffer huge economic losses. This is also the cause of the boss instructing the number of competitions.

According to the 48 games of each team, the total regular season will be held 720. According to the league’s self-reported number of 640,000 US dollars per game, the season shrinking to 48 games means that the league can accept the maximum loss of 460 million US dollars.

The gap between players and alliance psychological prices

Players want to have a longer season, the more games mean that there are more income. The proposal of the seasonal shrinkage to 82 were rejected in the first proposed season (this proposal exacerbated the inclination between the two sides), the player association responded to the 114 game and responded to the proportion of payment. This same-free proposal is also rejected by the alliance.

No matter how many games will eventually play, alliances are planned to end the regular season on September 27, because alliances are worried that the new crown epidemic will make the past 800 million US dollars in the winter into bubbles. The snake owner Ken-KFRK said in the radio, the alliance is unlikely. Because if the schedule is dragging longer, it is equivalent to the chip of the health of the player and the team employee as a negotiation, which is never a good thing for a league that has been negatively entangled.

Therefore, in the end of the two sides, the 82 regular season programs may be the results of the players most want to see. Based on their demands for total payment payments in total 1230 games, as well as the loss of $ 640,000 per game, this program means that the total alliance will lose $ 790 million. Compared with 48 regular seasons, 82 regular games will lose $ 330 million.

So, in short, the Alliance is in a crisis because of a $ 330 million issue.

The two sides will have to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Players will say that this money is only $ 10.88 million to each team, but it is a cost of qualified 4. They are right.

The bosses will say that this is $ 33 billion on the basis of $ 3.5 billion. Although there is no public document to confirm these statements, it is only a huge blow, and some people who have sympathetic players also admit that the fiscal financial encounters.

The negotiations have always been self-sufficient, and they think they are harmful. And the two sides lack a sense of urgency in negotiations. Although the specific retest plan is discussed in April, there is no progress in May. The mutual distrust of the two sides has also made it difficult to achieve consensus.

It should be noted that the alliance has expressed its willingness to lose $ 460 million for 48 shrink seasons. Therefore, it can be reasonably inferred, and no matter how many games in the seasons, the alliance can accept the loss of $ 460 million, and for the 20-game conventional season, this requires a player’s salary of 17.2%.

The position of the players is determined: will not further pay a salary. Regardless of how many games will be canceled, they have given up partial salary. It is the seed of the team boss buried the cycle of causal cycles – all teams have a market value of 1 billion US dollars. After a long time will be privatized, the bosses attempt to losses socialization. The growth rate of team value is far faster than the growth of players’ income, and players believe that their contribution to the competition has not been respected, and it is expressed in a stagnant salary and sluggish free player market for many years.

Labor disputes will never stop, every dollar (more don’t say hundreds of millions of dollars) has its value. There will be a reasonable middle price in the negotiations, but as a negotiating skill, both parties are reluctant to make a compromise.

The loss in the 48 game and 82 games is $ 620 million. According to this digital calculation, the player can choose 65 games, the team pays a salary according to the proportion of the length of the schedule; or 82 games, salary cuts 8.6% on the basis of proportional payment.

The negotiation is still difficult, but the resort has been dragged too long. This should have more time to solve before June 1. At present, Texas is preparing to allow fans to enter the stadium, which may not allow the league to bring huge losses in the airfield competition.

(Text / Jeff Passan Compile / Grand)