MLB 2021 playoff game DAY19 Warriors open the door, but the strong investment spaceman is still optimistic

On October 27, Beijing time, the World Competition opened, and the space owner 2-6 lost the warrior.

At this point, the first war of the four World contests of the Saidal World contest. Including the 2017 winning season to Dodge, also lost in Dodger Stadium. That year, the space of the space was flat, and finally won in the seven war.

There were 184 four-winning series in the history of the playoffs, 118 of which were finally won by the team’s first battle, and the winning rate was 64%. Since 1995, if you look at the World Contest, the winning rate is increased to 81% (21/26).

In the first battle, the two teams did not eat many times.

The most regretful thing is that the Spaceman wins the governor in 2017, the Warrior first sent Charlie Morton, he only cast a 2.1 bureau to leave, after the event, the news said that there was no remaining world contest. This is a great loss for the Warriors.

And the spaceman first sent Valdez and insisted that 2.0 bureaus was exploded and lost 5 points. However, Jake Odorizzi, which was first-emerging as a long and successive appearance, 42 balls 2.1 bureau, only 1 placement did not guarantee, sent 5 three vibrations,
expect to debut again in the third battle.

Warriors’ cowshed outstanding, but very much workload, Minter casts 43 ball 2.2, Luke Jackson 1.2, Matzek1.1. Game2 How to adjust the cowshed will test the warrior coach Brian Snitker. Matzek has not yet played when there is anyone in the playoffs (RISP).

Space people also show their own hits, although they only won two points. However, data shows that there are 6 hitting balls that are more than 95, which belongs to strong hitting.

The Warriors have a good time to send nine roses.

731 Before the transaction limit, the Warriors have traded the three foreign countries, Rosario, Joc Pederson and Jorge Soler hit the Warriors’ 24 points in the playoffs.

Tall Alvarez runs out of the three bases.


Game2 first

Warriors Max Fried

After the Morton event, Fried became the most reliable pitcher in the Warriors, this will be the first World Competition in his career. However, he is not ideal for his recent first-time, in the fifth battle of the Giode Series, the 4.2 game lost 5 points.

Spaceman Jose Urquidy

The Mexico pitcher has excellent performance in 2019, and the fourth battle has not lost the 5.0 game. However, his recent first year is not good, in the third battle of the ALCS Meidian Championship in Red Socks, 1.2 bureaus was knocked out 6 points.