Look at CBA League honor, the top ten players how to row?

First of all here that the CBA league, the national team will not take a performance as we speak when comparing NBA star, so here we will look at CBA honor, as the results in the Asian Games, the Olympic Games are no longer counted among the , so that a lot of ranking players will subvert the people’s awareness!

Tenth: Gong Xiaobin, MVP and leading scorer of all time!

Want to get into the history of the top ten, MVP is the most basic requirement, Gong Xiaobin was originally born football player, so the flexible style of play, strange multiport, which also brought “Happy King” title for him!

1997-98 season, beat Gong Xiaobin and Hu Weidong, Sun Jun simultaneously won the scoring and MVP, enough to make him the ten former goalkeeper CBA history!

At first glance, is not it a bit like Qin Xiao Yin?

At first glance, is not it a bit like Qin https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Xiao Yin?

Ninth: Yao Ming, a championship * 1, MVP * 1, FMVP * 1, * 3 blocked shots!

Yao Ming, Chinese basketball is undoubtedly the first person, but only to see the history of the CBA since Yao Ming played only five seasons, so we had some little lacking on the honor! Yao Ming in the CBA most commendable is to lead Shanghai team ended six consecutive dynasty eighty-one the military! And Yao Ming after winning run to a higher stage!

Eighth: Sun Jun, MVP * 2, * 3 scoring!

Although there is foreign aid that period, but this award has been scoring a monopoly in the hands of domestic players, but Sun Jun is one of the best, he recorded 70 points and is still the domestic players ceiling!

Sun Jun Mainland players score the ceiling!

Sun Jun Mainland players score the ceiling!

Seventh: Tang, MVP * 3, * 1 scorer!

Tang and Yi Jianlian had with the domestic https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com new generation of leaders, but unfortunately at that time the national team already have such a heavy center Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, so when the opportunity to get far more than Tang!

But Tang, in the CBA league or show their dominance, and even took three rapid succession MVP trophy after the Hu Weidong old Tang, the other domestic players in scoring last a trophy from the Tang, also, after he and this award https://www.nbatrikots4.com on domestic players no chance!

Tang era unfortunately encountered most domestic center peak!

Tang era unfortunately encountered most domestic center peak!

Sixth: Battle, MVP * 3!

Battle was one of the three major centers, he came back from the NBA Battle in 09– 11 years of consecutive gains three MVP, another 07-year CBA Battle 4 million annual salary payroll expansion also led the entire CBA league, a veritable fame and fortune!

Fifth: Hu Weidong, MVP * 2, * 3 https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
in scoring, third king * 1, * 1 assists, steals * 1!

Hu Weidong is China perimeter player should be the highest of a reputation, after all, “Chinese Jordan” this title is too eye-catching, while Hu Weidong’s performance is not unworthy of the name, after the CBA was founded in 1995, Hu Weidong Glenealy two MVP awards followed in scoring, assists, steals, third king constantly, even in Asia MVP award Hu Weidong have https://www.maillotbasket6.com taken away one, but unfortunately his career Hu failed to get even a championship, which is also golden generation Sun Jun, Gong Xiaobin and others regret!

Jordan, overcome, fame loudest two!

Jordan, overcome, fame loudest two!

Fourth: Liu Yudong, MVP * 1, scoring * 1, FMVP * 2, * 7 championship!

Not as good as Hu Weidong Liu Yudong personal honor, but the honor seven championship team was really very Guards, the ranking will be placed before Hu Weidong Liu Yudong!

Third: Zhu Fangyu, MVP * 2, FMVP * 4, * 8 championship!

On the fame even strength, not as Hu Weidong Zhu Fangyu, Liu Yudong et al., But after all we are talking about CBA players, so ultimately rely on the honor and awards speak, Zhu Fangyu eight career championship trophy, especially in 2007 after Yi Jianlian went to NBA, Zhu Fangyu still lead the Guangdong team to win the Triple crown and reelected three FMVP, such achievements impeccable!

Look CBA honor, who badly?

Look CBA honor, who badly?

Second: Wang, MVP * 1, FMVP * 2, * 4 blocked shots, best defensive player * 1, * 7 championship!

Wang’s honor is actually not as good as Zhu Fangyu, Wang position in the team but is far Zhu Fangyu is not comparable, in particular the 2007 finals Wang to 26.8 points 10.2 rebounds and 2.1 blocked shots led 4: 1 victory over the Guangdong team has Yi Jianlian, this total final sufficient experience comparable NBA2011年诺维茨基了!

So there is not much problem mononuclear winning record in the Big Zhi Zhu Fangyu suppress!

First: Yi Jianlian, MVP * 5, FMVP * 3, * 6 championship, the best defensive player * 1!

Yi Jianlian of personal honor and Michael Jordan is almost comparable across the Atlantic, as six of the championship, the same five MVP, of course FMVP less three little pity!

There is no doubt the CBA first person!

There is no doubt the CBA first person!

Yi Jianlian 16-year-old was elected Rookie League, 17-year-old championship, 19-year-old FMVP, 26-year-old MVP, 30-year-old became Mr. and broke a series of extremely CBA history! If it is not a slight drag on performance led the national team, such a career enough to get any cooler!