Brown frequently suggests that the ideal that the teammates are not difficult to block transactions.

Perhaps the Pittsburgh Steel people is still a headache for Antonio-Brown, but Brown has helped them solve some problems – such as find an ideal pick-up. Previous trends are all experts, the media and even fans, but this time Brown revealed the information of this team through the conversation.

On Sunday, Brown and Legendary External Elite Jie Jili Les did some conversations, although Brown did not provide any details of this dialogue, but Les provided. At the interview with San Francisco Bay District 95.7 radio program on Monday, Les was asked by Brown to play more interest in effective San Francisco 49 people. “He really wants to come here!” Les said.

On the last week, Rais was openly recruited Brown in the show. At that time, the named Tony Dungi also had a reversible opinion. However, Brown did not cover up his facts of interest in the 49 people. When his incident broke out, he was a wave of tweep interaction with the 49 people’s neighborhood George-Kitel. Inside, he also actively pays attention to the 49 people in the social media. He even shared a painting in INS. In this painting, half of himself, half is Jerry Less. Nowadays, Les will be public with his conversation, it seems that Brown and 49 people’s relationship is more coming.

Brown himself is very exciting for the possible transactions, he seems to have begun to plan to train together with Les. “He said to climb the mountain with me, exercise together, do something together, you know, this is a signal.” Less said, “I don’t know if the transaction can be formed, because this will depend on Kyle. Salunhan (49 people coach) and John Linch (general manager of 49 people), but you know if they want Brown to join the team, I am 100% support. “The NFL history bought the number, the number of ball numbers And the number of external connections to the number of gangs is looking forward to and Brown’s cooperation. “I want to teach me to him, let him fight side by side, because I know he is a great player.”

However, it is not that everyone of the steel people want Brown to go flying, including his “intimate little brother” Zhu Zhu – Smith Schi. Soon receiving an interview, Zhu Zhu clearly said that she did not want Brown to be traded. “I don’t want him (Brown) to be traded, and he made me better, let the team become better. He is a great player. He is also a good person. For me, the light is playing with him. I can learn a lot of things; if I want yourself better, I must compete with him. So, I don’t want him to go! “

Although Zhu Zhu’s words have been earnestly sincere, this time his wish I am going to fall again, just like his kindly, you can’t stay in Bell. According to sources, the steel man is already considering how the transaction should be used in Brown. If you really reach an agreement with 49 people, then 49 high-time selection rights may be the goal of the steel people. From various signs of signs, Brown really wants to be brought to the steel people.

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