The winemaker first, Xie Xin, a shocking, but the real test is still behind.

After 10 seasons and 6 teams of drifting, the wineman team first issued Joris-Xie Xin finally proved himself in the 2018 season. He was born in 1988, in 2018, I really had thirty.

Xie Xin, who turned 6 teams, finally found his position in the winemaker team.

Xie Xin, who turned 6 teams, finally found his position in the winemaker team.

Let’s take a look at that Xie Xin is most important to the winemanship in the regular season. It is well known that this season’s style is unstable in most of the season, and the first year of origin is from the National Team from the National Team from the National Team to achieve a team expected lineup. I don’t know if it is due to the reasons for many first injuries and state unstable, and the Corcel coach starts to transfer tactics in this season. Although this tactic allows the team to have received a good record, the data of the first firing will definitely not look good. However, let’s take a look at Xie Xin’s data: 35 first hair this season, the main investment 192.2, sent 156 three vibrations, ERA only 3.50, won 15 wins. Xie Xin was unfavorable to win the victory in the team’s dispatching tactics, and he still got 15 wins, and he was in the performance of him. It is even more difficult to win 8 winning investment in July and August and August in the team in the team. The wineman team has been playing in the playoffs with a long player in September, but if there is no brilliance of Xie Xin, I believe that the team’s difficulty in the playoffs will probabilically increase.

Back to the playoffs, from the traditional sense that he is currently in the playoffs only two games, but in the face of the special situation in 2018, he should be in the playoffs in the playoffs. The category, after all, his game will directly determine the fate of the team.

Let’s take a look at the performance of his three games.

On October 2nd, the Bear: Main Investment 5.2, was knocked 1, 1 point, 3K, ERA 3.50

On October 6th, Barnie: Main Investment 5.0, 0 Ann, 0 失分, 3K, ERA 0.00

On October 16th, the main investment 5.1 bureau, knocked 3, 0 lost, 6k, ERA 0.00

The first game got a partition champion to avoid more than one game. The second game got the team at the partition. In the third game, I gave the Dodge in the road to Madi, resolve the team’s main customer’s disadvantage, but also let the team 2-1 leaded. Xie Xin’s excellent play, let the team have seen the hope of the World Competition in 7 years.

Xie Xin himself has become a fifth place in the past two playoffs in the past two playoffs in the past two players in the past two players. In the last 3 games, he only lost 1 point in the 16 games of his main investment, frozen three teams of three
teams in three different stadiums. At present, the Breaker Team has been 3 times in the playoffs, and the data is once before this. This season, 3 times in the quarter, Xie Xin played a leading role in 2 games.

Xie Xin is more and more relaxed this year. The main coach praised him to feel the feeling

Xie Xin is more and more relaxed this year. The main coach praised him to feel the feeling

Xie Xin’s performance in October made the people saw the shadow of Bongena. The head coach Constor also praised him in the third battle. “He is very good at tonight. With a big pitcher, we handed the first task to him, and he also used his own performance to make the competition early early early.”

When Xie Xin’s next game did not finally concluded, the next two games have been basically finalized as Gonzalez and Meri. According to the schedule, if the team and the Dodge Series need to return to Milwaukee, then his probabilies will be sent in the sixth or 7th game. If you end this series in Los Angeles, the first game of the Wineman World Competition is likely to be protected by him. Whether you are responsible for the next game, you can’t copy a lot of legendary pitks in the playoffs. The game that is bold to pick up is the biggest test of Xie Xin.