The total score of red socks 4-1 Sheng Daoqi is five years again won the MLB World Competition.

Beijing time
October 29th, the fifth game of the MLB Vocational Welfare World Competition, the previous score 3-1 leading red socks today next city, won the MLB World Contest. This is also the redddle team to win the World Competition after 5 years, and the red socks have become the most winning team in the 21st century by this victory.

MLB President Manfred presented
the championship trophy to the red sock team boss John Henry.

Steve Pierce won the World Contest MVP.

This trainee sent a king of the king, Xiao Xian, and unfortunately he was hitting 3 Batters.

Red Soy is jumping over the Prab choosing the same left. Plece has been “soft hand” in the past season, after the last high quality first, this competition is again sent out again.

Steve Pierce first played two points of gun rate red socks to win the https://www.fanbutikk.comgame.

Dodge guerrilla monk Machaco expressed dissatisfaction after being decided by the referee.

The ninth bureau’s red stocking total coach Cola dispatched a king Le Zuo Saire to go to the door, and he directly resorveated the three people helped the red socks.

Selle is together after the last goal and the capture Wazekz is excited. The red socks are famous “God’s right hand” Pedro Martinez also present to help the socks.