The general manager of the Red Man is going to save money Castillanos directly jump out of the contract to help him

After a disappointing season, the Cincinnati red is in the dilemma of players. The best players on their teams may also be one of the best players of the entire league. Nick Castillanos announced that the contract was jumped out and became a free player.

Before the 2020 season, the red man signed Castians with a four-year 64 million US dollars, and the contract also included the total choice of 2024 million US dollars. In addition, in this contract, Castillanos also has two jumping clauses, but he did not use the first one at the end of last year. At present, the red man can choose to post the label stop loss of Qi Arns, if he is not accepted and is signed by other teams, the red man will get a first round of “sandwich” will be appointed next year.

Castillanos is going to leave the red man.

Castillanos is going to leave the red man.

Recently, Nick Clarion, general manager of the Red Man, said that the team will focus on the adjustment of the salary structure and integrate resources into the scout system and develop a young player. Clarion also said that the total salary of the red man has already been $ 130 million. They should wait for the hidden championship. Castillanos has chosen to leave the red. , Also help the red person to save some money.

After Taking the old arrested head-Barn Hart on Thursday, Clarion reiterated this saying in the interview. He said that the team’s salary structure must be adjusted, and now there is no need to spend money in the free player market. .

Castillanos is also very contradictory. He just said that in the 2021 season in the red man was the most beautiful season in his career. Negotiation, everything in the future is still much more uncertain.

In the 2021 season, Castillanos was paid. 309 / .362 / .576’s hit three-shot, 138 games 585 people knocked out 34 bangs and 38 second bases, and once again opened percent Digital. The attack index of .939 is the best career, and career is the first to choose a star game.

Castillanos smashed the red man

Castillanos smashed the red man “

As the first round show in the Tiger 2010, Castillanos career has spent most of the time, in 2019, he hit a short working in the bear, and then came to the red. He will face a small competition in the free player market, including the former MVP Freddy-Fremman and Chris Bryant, the best opening of Pioneer Stallin – Mart, and a Guerrilla – Carlos – Coria, Granules – Siki, Marcus – Simin, Haville – Bayz and Trevo Stori.