MLB Super New Show Alonso Career Strong Three-point Cannon Association will overcome Marlin

On April 2, there will be a lot of newcomers to debut every year. The first place of premises, the first wonderful defense will make them memorable. The first home base is even more unforgettable. When the rookie plays the first home base of the career, the teammates https://www.mlbtrojerse.comwill celebrate this wonderful moment more unforgettable?

Today, the rookie of the big trend, Alonso, experienced such an instant. When he arrived in the 9th game in the middle of the attack area, he slammed a 3-point home run, helping the team to lock the victory, even the Malin’s fans also boiled, the teammates in the seating area also fried Pot. During the university, Pitt Alonso, who was active at the University of Florida, was comparable to the main team players in the Miami Malin Fish Stadium.

In the player locker room after the game, the Metropolis https://www.mlbtrikot4.complayers found everything they could find from the kitchen, and he greeted to Alonso’s body, one hitting egg, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, beer, Shaving cream, as well as ketchup, mustard cream, and various condiments. I only can’t think of it, I haven’t found it. In this way, Alonso was only pouring in the recipe in a meal, regarding the baptism of his big league career.

“This feeling is great,” Alonso changed clothes and shoes to change the dry cleaning, “I have never been this experience before until you come over, I will realize that they can find everything.
Pour in me, this is too interesting. “

According to STATCAST measurement, Alonso’s home run is 444 feet away, and the elevation angle is 21 degrees, with a rod speed of 112.8 miles. This speed is the 7th speed of the player who played the player after Statcast from the beginning of the Statcast from 2015.

Metropolis has been completed this season, Alonso’s current data is 17 players, 40% of the hits, 3 second bases, and 1 projector hit 6 points. Before his career, 4 counts did not hit out. But his outbreak is quite accidentally, his hits have been significantly improved in the past two years, and this year’s spring training is very good. After the game, he said that he will play this home run with his career first, and hidden in a quite safe place, maybe the two balls will become worth the value in the future. Philippine.