You can prevent me to send a virus! Sapphire King Corner, Peterson Wife

June 21 (Wen / ESPN JOSH Weinfuss Compilation / Love) Antonique Peterson is only one of the doctors who are in the anti-vulcanon frontline, she has been a physician in the San Joseph Hospital in Phoenix. Year; of course, she also has an identity – Arizona’s red squid, the wife of Patrick Peterson.

Original Antong, I only need to pay my job in the field, watching my husband galloping on the court, then enjoying his happy family life during the offset period; but an epidemic is completely engaged in life chaos. She has to avoid too much to get too much family. “I am very nervous, I know that I have to go home, my two children, one 4 years old, another one is only 3 months, my husband and mother are waiting for me” Anthony said, “But I I hope to learn, I hope to practice, I hope to touch all kinds of medicines as much as possible. “

Such a life makes Patrick Peterson can’t get conceived. This 8 times is among the occupational bowls. The top corner guards of the 3rd candidates have said that their emotions have been very low in the past few months. But he sincerely admire his wife. “I have always told her that she is one of the strongest women I have ever seen.”

In March this year, when the new crown virus began to spread a wide range of globally, Anthony also began to discuss appropriate precautions with their families, especially Patrick. Patrick has diabetes, according to medical standards, is a high-risk group of new crown viruses; she reminds Patrick and her mother, even if they go to the supermarket to buy things.

“We need to treat this matter seriously, make sure you have a mask, if you really need to go out, then you return home to take a shower. At that time, we kept discussing, we need to take extreme Preventive measures to ensure that our health is the first. “Anthony said.

“As a family member, she gives us the suggestion is absolutely to maintain social distance.” Patrick said, “To ensure that the contact indicates or the surrounding environment is clean, and will wash your hands as much as possible. The severity of viruses, as well as what it affects life and family. “

As a resident physician, Anthony’s work will not be avoided in contact with new crown virus patients. She worked in the hospital for 4 months, and the department was served for patients who were overnight in the hospital; she worked for 6 days a week, 12 hours of work, she can touch a few new crown virus patients in the hospital, there is ” A small number of “cure, let her have no sense of crisis. However, in May this year, after she turned the ICU, witnessed the influence of the devastating of new crown virus.

However, this also brings new challenges. Because this virus is never seen before, Antong Ni can also in a new learning state, he always ques information, integrate information, combining the network’s message and clinical treatment . Even so, the treatment of new crown viruses is still very fast, and the treatment ideas and drugs in April have been replaced by new ideas and drugs this month.

“Everything is so novel.” She said, “You need to read itself, study it yourself, then discuss, understand everyone’s ideas.” ICU’s work experience made her new recognition of new crown viruses. “This is a great pressure. Everyone holds breathing until the test results come out; this is a great experience, it is very precious to me.”

When Anthony, I would like to be a doctor, then her goal is to be a pediatrician; but when she finds that she is not only a child, she begins to attack her family medicine. He studied at Louisiana, and he met Patrick Peterson.

In 2011, Patrick was chosen in the red lotus, and the two immediately moved to Phoenix. In 2012, she returned to the school to study a master’s degree. After a year, she entered the University of Arizona Orthopedics in the University of China and Western University; due to the birth of the first daughter in 2015, she turned her original 4 years into 5 years. In 2018, she graduated from the medical school and began a three-year internship.

When she faced the new crown virus, she pursued the decision of family medicine never shaken. “This epidemic also makes me face challenges, I need to do myself to study, I need to accept some unfamiliar conditions, and try to adapt to learning.” Anthony said. Perhaps she is just a general one in many doctors, but at least in the eyes of the star husband Patrick Peterson, she is really able to block the “All-Star Doctor” of the virus.