The top NFL strongest near-end Arm Change Wrestling Dabelong joined WWE continuation of exercise career

March 12th (Wen / ESPN Marc Raimondi Compile / White) This time, before the new England Patrioper near the front of Robs, Gronoschi suddenly declared retirement, which was unhappy. People guess Gron’s next stop is Hollywood, WWE, still go to know? On March 11, Beijing, according to the “Wrestle”, the chief editor-in-chief of the wrestling, the Gronoski approached and the WWE reached an agreement.

According to a number of US media reports, Geloski has a very deep negotiation with WWE, and negotiations have been close to the end, but when did he be unveiled on the screen? The report also pointed out that Groner may appear in SMACKDOWN at March 20. The reporter confirmed this news to WWE on Tuesday night, but did not get a reply.

WWE has already thrown the olive branch to Groner, and the “Wrestling Observer” reported that WWE is intentionally providing a full-time contract to Gron, similar to the previous WWE to sign UFC star Longda-Russian Same. I received an invitation that Gronard did have a heart, he said to the outside world, once you decided to completely exit NFL, intend to join WWE. Gulong itself is also WWE fans, and once appeared in “Wrestler 33”.

Gen, who was 30 years old this year, has participated in the “Wrestler 33” in 2017. At that time, Gelong came to the scene for the friend magic – Laoli cheered, did not expect that Laoli is in the game with Jindar-Mahar Put it in the corner, and Geron also inexplicably slammed a drink, so Gulong couldn’t live his own stagnant, “Mechanical Police”, a arrow, rushing the wrestlest, turning the Mahar On the ground, then a hammer. At that time, the audience’s atmosphere was completely detached, and he was well received by fans with unparalleled “performance”.

In August last year, Gulong said at the sponsor’s press conference that he is interested in participating in a large WWE game within 5 years, but he doesn’t think he is suitable for a professional wrestler. “In wrestling, I feel that I will not be a professional wrestler, but I have always wanted to do it.” Gron said: “That is to play a crazy game. I want to train for a while, Then I walked into a wrestling table. I have a friend in WWE, I am very familiar with this line. I don’t know when it is practical, maybe it is within five years, maybe this is my rest of my life. I have always had such a Dream, then hit a game, go all out. “

Speaking of Laracole, he also hit a defensive front line player in Arizona, the Green Bay packaging worker, and the mixed NFL successfully transformed into WWE after several years. Labori said in an ESPN interview in October last year that Groning WWE is not unrealistic. In 2017, Laoli left the ticket to Gulong to open a member of the meeting, Gel Lung went to the scene to refuel for your friends. The two are not only a college classmate, but according to Laoli, he also recognized that Gel Lao’s old man did it. “His father said that I was his sixth son, I said that Gron dad is my second father, this It’s true! “Lauley said.

Lao Li hopes that Gronat WWE: “These years, the identity of the ‘Patriot player’ is like shackles, and now he is finally free, I am happy for him.” But not everyone wants Gall to enter the army. WWE, before WWE star Bayi-Lynch said in an interview that people who could not let a person who had no wrestling experience casually, this is very unfair: “Some people on the stage will be trained, but the rice bowl is fast. He wants to eat ready-made? This is unfair. “

Gronel has an incredible football talent, which is human and good, cheerful, with teammates, whether it is a gloring or IQ. In the 2019 holiday period, Gronard announced the end of the nine years after helping the patriots won three superbals. He said that his career is full of injuries, and mental illness has been torture him. As the strongest near-end front of NFL, Gronard career is selected for professional bowls, 4 times, selected for the best lineup, and has selected the history of the NFL100 anniversary.