The old man will take the safety of safety guards to be held by the inner position.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian-Labot, the steel man safety Morgan – Bente told him that he wanted to cut off the team before the contract expire, and entered the free market in advance.

Bente did not formally inform the team’s own request, he mainly wanted to re-return to the security.

Bonnet joined the steel man in 2018, he all eight seasons were the cost of packaging.Earlier in the season, Bentet was absent from the abdomen injury, and then won 11 games, and two of them were first, and 30 times were smashed.

The 30-year-old old will tell Latport, he hopes to get a new starting point and continue to fight the security.In the steel man, Both is responsible for the five points, he said that this is not the position you are good at.

Bonnet’s 14.4 million US dollars in the contract also had two years. If the steel man cuts Bernate, his contract will occupy a $ 28,300 of salary space in the 2019 season.