The gesture of the epic in the Cole race performance is a Yangji fan. Can he continue to defeat? Two in front of the United States championship, New York Yangji took a score of 1 to 1 to the main court. Houston Space people don’t want to show weakness. They sent a team’s best ace pitcher in the third https://www.mlbtrojerse.combattle – Grrit Cole.

Cole said in an interview: “This is too excited. I have passed the ball at the home of Yangji, I always like to play here, I feel very good in Yangji Stadium. I have heard that the playoffs The ‘flexible event’ of Yangji Stadium, such a large stage, such a strong atmosphere, which is destined to be a wonderful game. “

How good is Cole recently? Since May 27th, the 24th pre-issued seasons in the final season, Cole won 18 games without failure. Since the 1912 New York Giants, Rube Marquard has won 19 games, and there is no pitcher in the single game to achieve this achievement. Since July 17, it has not been lost as long as Cole is sent to a space. It is also praised by the Born Boone.

“There is always a pitcher who has a top talent, there can always be a performance of ordinary people. Now he is better than his performance, so his achievements are more likely.”

The pitching talent is the foundation and the day is hard to become a legend.

The most common use of the average speed of 97 miles in the average speed of 97 miles. If there is a need for the ball speed to promote 100 miles, he will use a speed ball to solve the problem when the semi-stage of the game has dropped in the second half stage. . In his change, no matter whether it is a proportion (an average speed of 89.2 mi) or curved ball (82.6 mi) is a weapon for top manufacturing.

Cole not only talented outstanding, he is very stronger and very strong and very likes to study the game. He caught up with the wave of the alliance data analysis, and constantly grinding his own pitching. He accepted suggestions from the data analysis team, and he strives to change the flight trajectory of the proportion, increase the tail of the change ball to avoid the red zone of the good shield. Therefore, his scorpion and the curling have evolved.

Talking about the ball movement, Cole said: “I will not do too much change between each year, I just summarize the loss in the last game, and do a small correction. Although my performance has always been very Yes, but as long as the details are in addition to the problem, the opponent will punish you. So I will continue to fine-tune from all kinds of pitching methods, but at the same time, I still have to maintain the stability of my pitching action, can’t be done for the end of the branches Due to excessive adjustments. “

Cole also made in-depth studies, he can distinguish the strokes of the play, and do a change in polar strategies. He often communicates with your teammates, drawing the inspiration of pitching.

Spaceman’s head coach AJ-Singch (AJ Hinch) Talk: “Cole is always pursuit of perfection, whether it is preparing for the pitching, the settlement plan is set to the planned implementation. He is always looking for it when you discuss with me. The defects in the contest or have no improvements. “

Partition Series Say Power Current Rule Family Helping Sky Person Promotion

Before the Federation Championship, we first reviewed the historical performance of Corr in the Meidian partition series. Cole was in the critical fifth
game, a total of 8 bureaus, was killed by 2, and sent 10 three vibrations, 29 shots. His teammate George Springer is full of expression: “He is a ‘bad person’, but fortunately we and his tilles.”

2 premnictions, Cole’s performance is as follows:

A total of 54 players have been sent 25 times, and they were smashed by 6 boasts, and 52 shots were manufactured. There is only 0.118 / 0.167 / 0.196 of the opponent’s blow.

Alex Bregman said: “He can attack every corner of the ball. When he arrived at the team, he would strive to take the opponent’s three vibration, he did it now.”

How horror after the Sale Sensual Skills? In 2019, he added a total of the regular season next year, and 228 bureaus took a total of 351 players. This is the most three-zone of the 367 Nolan Ryan in 1974. Since July 17, Cole has a 251 player. He has sent at least 10 times in 11 games, created the historical record of the alliance, with an average of the tri-vibration rate of up to 15.71. Regular season has his tri-vibration rate up to 39.9%.

After entering the playoff, the Cole-Affilia Partition Series Sanzheng 25 times in the League Season History in the second, second only to the 1968 World Competition, St. Louis Pull, Famous Talent Pitcher Bob – Gib Gibson Create 27 records. Since then, anyone else can comparable to the pitching capacity of Cole, which is comparable to this year?

In the playoffs, the historical college college Collapse has achieved great achievements.

Single series 52 times wave – this is the record recorded in a single season after 1988. In the 1988 National Federation, Dwight Gooden and Tim Belcher have created 48 waves, and there were followed by Cole.

52 shots in two consecutive times – since 1988, this data is still the first. The second is still in parallel. In addition to Beelur, the 1988 Champions League, another is a San Francisco giant pitcher Tim Lincecum, a cross-border partition and national contest.

Single series of three vibrators 46% of the player – the United Arab Size Series Coles faces 54 players in three vibrations, with a versatile rate of up to 46.3%. In the face of so many players, Cole can be allowed to be first in nearly 40 years.

The third game of the United States Union finals is about to start, and the space is not just like Kori’s ace pitcher, they are the 107th team of 107 wins. They have more than 100 consecutive seasons in a consecutive season. In addition to Yangzi, the last achievement is dating back to the Saint Louis Pair of 1942-1944. Blesman said: “Everyone in our team knows that we have the opportunity to create history. We have won a lot of games, and each of us has a full-star level player, so the remaining goal is victory, win the championship “

For Cole himself, he will become a free player after his season, and there is a chance to get a big contract. He is from a small fans, and he was originally selected in 2008. He has the opportunity to go to Yangji before being traded to the space. In the end, he is all over the arm. In the home court of Yangji, he will show it in the playoffs. We will wait and see.