The cliff fell! 4th all-star three data new low + positive and negative value -122, Xibdu: He has fallen out of the wheel!

Beijing time on November 30, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been proximately 40 days. So far, there was a very bad performance of a star. He is the new season to join the Kenba – Walker.

According to statistics, this season has so far, Walker has been played 24.5 minutes, and only 11.7 points 2.6 rebound 3.1 assists, all of which created a new career. In addition, the Walker field has only 42.9%, and the three-pointer hits is 41.3%. The average is only 1.4 times on the station. This performance is far from the peak period, and it is far lower than Nik. The expectations of the Squad.

What is even more unexpected is that today’s Walker has completely become a negative asset of the team. According to statistics, Walker’s accumulated positive and negative value of Walker is only -122, in the team in all 50%, Walker’s positive and negative value!

In this regard, the Knicks coach Siberu said in an interview: “Walker will not be in the Route line of the Knicks in the Synique of the team, and I will continue to reduce the wheel exchange. Because of the three guards At the same time, it will be difficult to play, but I respect Walker, respect his ability and the achievements he reached. “

In fact, in a game of defeating the Eagle in the Nicks, Walker did not get an opportunity to get a chance. According to Xibdu, he will continue to enable Burks in the game of the basket network tomorrow.

What have you had to say, as a 4th all-star player, the bee king, Walker’s current situation is so embarrassed. The knee injury makes him difficult to play the performance of the peak. If he can’t retrieve the state, he will no longer be bright in the prospect of the Knicks.