Pirates Giants 30-10 win over large glycopyrrolate back from injury, Brady discovered 10 yards rushing

Beijing time on November 23, NFL Week 11 of the regular season ushered in the Monday night game, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants. First half, the Giants can bite the score by mistake pirates. But the second half pirate attack group and defense group Qifa Wei, coupled with the Giants quarterback Daniel – Jones continues to send gift, pirate final 30-10 win over the Giants avoided a three-game losing streak.

Wonderful review

Pirates first wave of attack will be gains, advancing the team forward so smooth, tactical enough diversity. Within the red zone, a short pass Brady took over – Chris Godwin after which a pause after the completion of the ball thrown over Defense fluctuation forward running touchdown ball punch, score 7-0.

On the other side of the giant exhibit different forms of attack, they attack the pirates, although not so smooth, but can continue to promote the consumption of time, and ultimately by the kicker Graham – Gano hit 37 yards free kick, the score 7-3.

The next wave of pirate attack is also consumed for a long time, Brady even throw off the pace, go past a defensive player to complete the conversion third gear rushed the ball once for 10 yards. But before the end zone, the Giants tight man-mark Brady did not give any chance, kicker Ryan – Sake Pu hit free kick, the score 10-3.

The first pass was Brady’s first steals, wide receiver Mike – get rid of Evans serious mistakes, was Andrew Jackson – situ steals. Then, Daniel – Jones passing connection offensive strikers Andrew – Thomas touchdown, the Giants tied the score 10-10.

Brady long pass connection back from injury Robert – glycopyrrolate Koski complete big yardage advance, before the end zone, running back Ronald – Jones went around the outside made four yards rushing touchdowns, Pirates the lead again, 17-10.

The middle of the third quarter, the pirates to expand the score. Brady shot several times to complete a large number of yards forward, facing third gear before the back-end area, Brady Evans aiming to complete touchdowns after complete explosion cornerback latter 1 to 1, the score to 24-10.

Then, Jones somehow sent steals, pirates have the ball half 40 yards in the Giants. Sake Pu kick 25 yards hit the pirates 27-10 lead.

Jones steals one by one, pirate security guard Edwards again kindly gift. Pirates launched from the giant half-court offense, Brady Evans connect several yards forward, again Sake Pu debut hit 30 yards free kick, pirates 30-10 lead.

In the end, the score to 30-10 to keep the audience finally, the pirates win over the Giants at home.

Player data

Pirates: quarterback Brady pass 46 30 307 yards 2 touchdowns advancing 1 steals; Evans took over six times the ball forward 73 yards 1 touchdown, Godwin 6 times the ball forward 65 yards 1 touchdowns

Giant: Jones quarterback pass 23 38 167 yards propulsion 1 2 touchdowns were steals