MLB – Yangji collapse unique to mad, seven-point brewing, latter, pitcher, fire, shame record

On October 9th, Beijing time, the third game of the United States of America, MLB playoffs, New York Yangji took a place of 1-16, was hit by Boston.

Moderator Niu Yinyi confirmed that Holt is the first person in the history of MLB playoffs, explaining the guest Chen Hui point to the biggest division of score shame in the hometown of the town.

Cuba teenager's active running Barn added a first point for red socks

Cuba teenager’s active running Barn added a first point for red socks

Dres running the red sock 1-0

Louis Sevilino was arranging first in the first half of the first game. By Brett Gardner kills Muqi-Bates and Andrew, Berneuti, and Chen Hui. Successfully got 2 booeways but give yourself a wake up, these two balls are too red, and then use the 97-angle speed ball to send JD-Martinnes, but also Kadner commits the praise – Bogotz high-speed ball, Niu Yinyi revealed that Kathner accelerated the running of running and confiscation.

Najuse – Jovardi was served in the first half of the first half of the socks, relying on the ground to block Andrew-McCachen, showed 101 speed balls, due to the position too red, Alon Jiaqi Solidly hitting is smoked by Bates, Chen Hui introduced Alon – Jiaqi in three consecutive openings in the playoffs, while the hits exceeded 50%, Joaldi followed up San Zhen Luke – Woit completed three Semi-bureau in three.

Rafael Defus knocked out in the second game, Chen Hui released the reason why did not shock the second base, stem from Alon Jaqi reaction fast and arm. Steve Pierce, who was called Yangkik Star, was brought into 5th Barrier, and Delz grab Pierce was parked by the second base. Brock Holt was introduced by Niu Yin Yu, except for the arrest, it was able to compete for red socks, and then the ball was pushed into the three bases.

Christian – Watzkz lucky knock out in the wild, helping Dresheng back to the home base to let the red stockings 1 points and one-size, this kind of responsibility stems from the pitcher Sevilo Guardo. As the Niu Yin Yan said, Sevilino has not yet been done in the two games. It is a hard work that spends 42 balls. It is good to succeed (small) Jieky-Bradley successfully stopped bleeding.

Red stockings don’t use 2 points

Jen Carlo Stanton knocked out of the second half, Didi-Gregus sacrificed the running Barn first, it was first judged, but then slow motion playback and changed, but Stanton is still advancing Two-bar. Gary Sanchez and Miguel Aduhar have been resolved to leave a restriction of the Yangji, and Chen Hui released the big league player rarely used a boom to be slower than the speed.

Bates hide the first half of the 3rd game and seized Besterty to form a series of peace. Under the premise of Yanji’s criticism, it was successfully promoted to no one out and two or three bases. Silver Pantry can’t use the experience of the regular season. Red Socks with JD-Martinez Gaofeng sacrificed to Dresian rolling balls and expanded down to 3-0, and then the Pierce high flying ball was killed, and the bovine and silver 昊 点 红 红 袜 通过 两The fight against the fight lays 3 points.

Grayber Torres knocketed the ground in the third place, the ball was first sentenced to the bureau, and then the playback of slow motion will first step on the Sales Safety. Chen Hui is a huge test for the first rate. Goodball with a good shot of the truth is unqualified. Brett Gardner, McCaqin Gusband and Alon Jaqi rolling the ball, successively is resolved by red socks, there is no point.

The firefighter Green is also played out

The firefighter Green is also played out

Yangji collapse unique to mad 7 points

Hort was hung in the fourth game, and the cow silver is in the face of him to continue to the line, and the gods caught Warzkz serial joints to form a one-earthquency. Bradley was sent to the four-bad ball to let the red socks ushered in a good situation, forcing Yangji to change the Lands – Lin En launched Sedevilino, Chen Hui introduced Bates to face the fullness of 4 The gun is full of guns and the hits exceeds 30%.

Lin En first, four bad balls to send Bedz to make red socks below 4-0, but once again be knocked out of the second base for the second base to complete the cleaner, Yang Si will drop 3 points after division to 0-7 is just One person out. Niu Yin Yan’s straightforward pointers, this second base is equivalent to a full range of guns, Chen Hui’s commentary is that the inner corner is seized, and the result will be knocked out by Buggts out to form a third base. .

Yangji is unbearable to change the investigade-Green, which is hit by Pierce and then 1 to 0-8. The red socks ushered in the first and seconders, some people were knocked out of the fighter, and they also ran back 2 points to expand their differences to 10-0 and the three-row. The Yangji arrived in the world’s semi-bureau, and Chen Hui felt 7 points at home appeared to glaze 7 points at home.

The first-rate trial was questioned four misses

Woit and Stanton have successively tapped in the fourth game, Yangji ushered in no one, and the one-third base made the hopes of the home fans. Gregourus hit the upper base and was mistaken, and Chen Hui questioned that this is the fourth incidence of the first-rate trial. The Yangji finally ran back to 1 point temporarily with 1-10 red socks, but unfortunately And Duhar rolling ball was blocked only 1 point.

Green was half-killing Bradley, and blocked Bates in the 5th game, but also took 2 out of the bureau, but he successfully contained Benerti and JD-Martinnes homework. In the killing Bugagz, the cow and silver, this is the second half of the second half of the
red socks, and Chen Hui is not able to form a big reversal. The main cowshed.

Rookie pitcher super stake

Alon Jiaqi knocked out of the first half of the 6th game, but unfortunately Viit was killed by Sanzhen, Stanton and Gregour will be killed. Jonathan Holdle served as Yangji’s post-helper pitcher in the 7th game, first of all, killing Wawzkez high-speed ball, but was knocked out of Bradley out of the second base to beaten and blocked Bates to roll, and then four bad balls Ninawei welcomed a one-leg.

With JD-Martinnesian, the reddings will then expand the division 11-1. Chen Hui introduces JD-Martinens’s strike capacity, 130 points and long winning rate exceeds 30%, but Buggotz is resolved. Leave a thyristor with a striker. Niu Yin Yan’s straightforward is the most worthy of Jovaldi, that is, in the second half of the 7th game, it can also cast 100 speed balls and rarely vote for four bad balls.

Joaldi continues the hot hand feels successively Suduras and Anduhar, and through the ground to block Torres is successful, Chen Hui praised Jovaldi to be Yangji killer, with this strong performance, hope to fight for red socks More The first round value. Niu Yinyi recalled that Jovaldi debut seven games were only knocked out 5 security, facing the Yangji so luxurious wallery just 1 point.

In the first half of the 8th game, he selection to change Stephen – Tapri. Chen Hui, told that he was too nervous, no a few goals, there were a lot of sweat, successively was knocked out by Delos and Ian – Kingsler Sanitary, then doubled from 2 to 1-14 after the super largestastation went to the line, even let Jinsler will easily go back to the home, so that the number of surprises will leave the red socks. Restriction.

The playoffs completely hits the first person

Red Socks In the second half of the 8th game, the pitcher is replaced by Hei Hepri, and then solves the addition of Garda and McCachen. Yangji’s semi-changed by the 9th game was a pitcher, and Chen Hui did not have a number of different balls and other puddles. However, it was knocking out of the Anate and Hallt 2 by Jinsler. Backward to 1-16.

Niu Yin Hao confirmed that Holt is history in the MLB playoffs to completely fight the first person, that is, the single game knockets, including the first base, the second base and the three bases, the home run. Red socks choose to change Edward in the next half of the 9th game. Although it is briefly advanced from the Yangji to the second base, it is still a victory of the Holt blocked. Chen Hui’s straightness is ultimately in the murderer by 1-16, and created the maximum difference of the big points of the hometown of the town.