MLB bear fills the wheel value depth from the giant team trading to Left-Put Holland

As the transaction is getting closer, the Chicago Cabin team is also striving to make more preparations and accumulated capital for the team’s qualifications. The latest reinforcement arrived in the team on Friday, and the Wing Course also made a series of team list adjustments to be fade with this list.

Before the start of the series of Milwaukee, the Chicago Winnabo team was exchanged from the San Francisco giant in the hands of the San Francisco Giants, and it was again returned back to the AAA level. Happ. In order to clear the list of 25 people and 40 people, I will give Hap-Holland, and Chicago Bear decided DFA.

When a player was DFA, he immediately removed from the team’s 25 and 40 people. In seven days, the player must be traded, released or placed in an irrevocable impaired list.

Trading to Holland, the Chicago Cabsse team will get an old will, a left pitcher that can enhance the cow shed face the left punching force. At the same time, Hap-hop-ups in the Great Alliance in the past two years (this season have not yet debuted this season), and Joe Maddon is provided with more flexible scheduled space, especially in Joe Maddon. The part of the foreign field with the second base.

At present, I still don’t know when Holland will officially join the team, but it can be determined that he will not shoot on Friday’s game.

As of Thursday, Chicago Bear’s cowshed pitcher made the other party’s left tricks, 0.382 hits, and 0.519 long-winning strikes, this is a very unsatisfactory result. Among them, Mike Montgomery, just traded to Kansas City, Mike Montgomery, needs to be aware of a large part of the responsibility. However, after the transaction comes to Holland, the Chicago Bear will continue to work hard to expand the possibility of other posttle pitcher on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old Holland this season has successfully suppressed the left bearer to the 0.182 hit rate, 0.276 orthoped ratio and the excellent results of 0.195 long. In the face of the full range of more than 75 shots in the alliance, Holland has a fifth low oblong OPS (0.471). Throughout the 11-season career in Holland, he also pressed the left chest, only let the left bearer handed over 0.234 hits and 0.620 OPS.

However, Holland is not so pressing when the right screamer is. At the time of Sunday by the Giant DFA, he settled this season’s grades 5.90, 68.2, sent 71 three vibrations and 35 guarantees. It is the main reason why 0.293 hits and 1.022OPS is his loss. But it seems that the bear team intends to position him to facing the leftkey.

This season, Holland’s contract is $ 6.5 million, and he also has a $ 7 million team option next season, or the bear team can choose from 500,000 to break the next year.