From the replacement to the first hair, the Spurs 2 will shine, and the shopping network is in the eastern part.

Beijing Time November 25, 2021, the NBA regular season continues, in the NB VS Celtics, the Spurs 2 the old age will break out again, including Aldridge 28 minutes, 13 in the 13th, 7, cut 17 9 rebounds 1 assists 1 steal 1 cap 0 mistake, positive negative value +13, Mills played 33 minutes, 12 in 8, three of whom 10 7, get 23 points 1 rebound 2 assists 0 mistakes, positive and negative value + 20. With the help of the two, the Nets finally tap the Celtics at 123: 104, and won the 4 consecutive victory. After winning this game, the team’s record came to 14 wins and 5 losses, and the first in the eastern part.

Nets to Bao, Mills and Aldridge this season is extremely efficient

As a crown team, this season, this season, the season is constant. First, the team starts to control the Wei Kaili – Owen does not fight the vaccine, and it is unlimited to fight, then Harden is struggling under the new rules, and then the team is war Li Qi-Harris, Brown and Clarkson have been injured, making this season’s Nets in the staff configuration, fortunately, the spurs sent to warm, Mills and Ade’s arrival, let this basket network is still fire Reduce, and successfully smiles the eastern part.

This season’s basket network is 109.1 points, ranking 104.7, and the high level of the League. Under the circumstances of the wounded soldiers, the team still played such excellent attack and defense, except for Durant’s stable basics, it is mainly due to the excellent play of Mills and Aldridge. This season Adefield is in the event of 21.8 minutes, can get 13.6 points 5.9 rebound 1.2 cap, 57.5% hits, while Mills is more crazy, the average is 27.3 minutes, cut 12.5 points 1.7 rebound 2.5 assists, hit 46.6%, The average hit is 3.2, three points, three-point ball rate 50.4%, Mills has three-pointer projection capabilities of the alliance, whether it is a three-pointer or a ball, and efficiency is extremely amazing.

Mills and Aldridge arrived, not only made the difficulties of the basket staff, but also let the team attacks more enriched. Ade has a mid-range projection capacity, 211cm height, 119kg body weight, so that he can make the face can also take back, in Durant, the team continues to be divided, is a very good choice. Data Show: Ade has played 5 games in the season, and the last 5 minutes, within 5, within 5, the average is 3.1 minutes, can get 2.6 points 1.2 rebound, hit rate 50 %, Help the team 5 wins and
0 losses.

On the other hand, Mills is equally excellent in playing with balls and non-poliar, and he shot in this season, with a hit rate of up to 50.6%, of which 48.9% of the spending of three-pointers, performance exceeding the vast majority of players. In terms of playing ball shooting, he actually eye-catching outside the three-point line, averaging 1.6, with a hit rate of 56.7%.

Reasons for Mills and Aldridge broke out

Mills and Ade are a very good player in the Alliance, a new point of view of Australia in Australia, another is the top of the league, but they are really unsained, Mrus is 33 years old this year, Ade is more crazy. This year, 36 years old, in such an age group can also play this performance, if it is simply because of the power reasons, I think most people are not believed. After all, I also value them very much in the Spurs, Bobovi, but the efficiency is too much like this season. (Last Sales Mills shooting only 41.2%, 37.5% of the three-point ball rate; Al derridge is only 46.4% in the last year of the Spurs)

Personally think that Mills and Adhe are so efficient this season, except for the feeling of hand, mainly because of Durant and Harden. In the Spurs, they are the absolute core of the team. They often face the best defensive resources in the competition, and the offensive is not affected. It can be different in the Net, Durant and Harden are the focus of the opponent defensive, Mills and Adhe can only be a role player, especially Durant, this season is madly cut 28.1 7.6 rebound 5.3 Assistance, the hit rate is as high as 55.6%, which can be said to be the strongest breakup in the alliance. In the game, the opponent often clips, fully mobilize the defensive formation and resources, which gives others more vacant opportunities.

Harden, as the top-level players of the alliance, not only has excellent independent attack skills, but also specially gave the teammates, which sent 9.2 assists in this season, ranked second. There is a top pass to be a teammate, Mills and Ad will only play more comfortable in the game.

In the Net, Mills and Ade obviously find his character positioning, after winning the Celtics, Mills game also said: I have understood what the team needs me, I will do it for this. Prepare.