Brown 1 grade running guards high difficult movement 370 pounds of barbell Hunt!

After years of running, the Cleveland Brown team finally accumulated a group of young players who were talented.Last season, with the four-point Baique Melfield, running the Youth Talents and other young people, the Cleveland Brown finally got rid of the past, it was difficult to take a wonderful situation, and used 7 wins in the 2018 season.Flat 8 losses moved numerous fans.In this course, Brown will have a race Karem Hunte trick that is born in the field, and further enhance the team’s strength and talent.However, when Carrim Hunter’s all-star level running to join the team, would this affect the opening time of the 2018 2nd Show, Run Nick – Surveus?Today, Nick uses his personal actions to respond, he uses the performance in the gym to remind people: Carrim Hunter is the person who is worried about these issues.