After the enemy’s sun, the Warriors recall 3 will! Lack of Klei, Curry is really difficult to win?

According to the Warriors JD Shaw, the Warriors have recalled Cleanssen, Huosman and Damien Lee from the Development Alliance, and they will follow the team will continue to train. Before challenging the Sun Team Competition, the Warriors announced that they were put on the Santa Cruz Warriors, and after the team was not enemy, the Warriors recalled them, although Clay and Huosman also could not debut. But it is clear that they can better compectish with existing players, prepare for the back.

Inside these three players, Clay and White are in the recovery period, and Damien is because of the birth of the team, but after this, he didn’t come to Phoenix, but was placed together. Development Alliance maintains a state.

Losing to the sun this game, for the Warriors, more or less, will bring a certain blow in the morale. Because of its own 7 consecutive victories, the first throne of the league was also pulled down by the other party. At the same time, this game is only a half-time in Buck, and the library will win. As a popular king of this season, it is actually defended to only 21 in 21, and it can even be said that the Warriors are completely pressed against the whole game, and there is no good response between the two ends of the attack. The strongest weapon is also the other party. Destruction.

As a potential competitor of the West, when the Warriors lost the game in this way, they also explain that they want to hit the finals for the championship. It will be full of challenges, and it is also more confirmed. If the Warrior wants to hit the championship It is still very difficult to bring a team in the library. After all, when the opponent has a top defender to entangle the library, under higher strength confrontation, the Warriors other players have not provided stable offensive fire output, then the warrior’s offense will fall into trouble.

Although the warrior’s defensive alliance is top, but in the sun, a team, which has both a star, and very dependent on the team, and the warrior’s defensive power will naturally be weakened. At the same time, it has been suffering from the inside of the disease. In the face of Almightline of Erton, there is almost no response, which is why they finally lost the ball in this game. And I really arrived in the playoffs, the Warriors want to avoid this situation, the most critical, still Clee’s health regression.

It can be imagined. If there is Clay Toben in this game, the defensive intensity of the library may also be weakened, because the opponent should respond to the Cook and Clay, need to spend more energy, want to It is extremely difficult to prevent them. And this game is a very glue in most time. From the last minute, the sun pulls the two-digit leader, if there are several rounds in front, even the warriors can invest more to two A 3-pointer, the competition trend is also likely to be changed, but the Warriors eventually don’t stand these 3 points, and the Sun Team is stringing by Claude, he has been in a row, and he has decided this. Waterfront in the trend of the game.

So, wait until Clay Health Return, as long as he can return to 80% of the state, then for the Warriors, it will be a huge improving, and the Curi has a top-level shooter, and the defensive pressure will be smaller, the key Also some people can provide stable help at the offensive end, this is the key to the Warriors want to hit the championship. Otherwise, only by the library, when faced with the opponent like the sun, the Warrior wants to rush out of the west, and the challenge is not in the 17-18 season widget rocket. The status of Curri is still peaks, comparable to 2 even MVP seasons, but when other teammates can’t provide more help, the difficulties faced by Curi will be enlarged. This is why Warriors want to win this season. , The cause of Clay return.