Whether Gel’s retirement is not certain, it is determined that he can still keep an initial heart.

The 53rd super bowl has come to an end, and the new England Patriots 13-3 defeated the Los Angeles Rana to win the sixth champion trophy of the team. This year’s super bowl has no tight news after the game, there is no need for a tight news, the media have to repeat the old problem over and over again to see what information can be dug, including Geloski’s Retire.

At the end of the season, the 29-year-old patriots near the front of Robs – Gronoski took the heart of the fans, but the media not only personally pays themselves, and even asked his teammates and mothers to retire, according to Gelron himself, He has already asked more than 50 times. Before the super bowl game, Geldo Gordi said: “Every day, he repeatedly thinks about this problem. He needs to weigh all kinds of advantage to make a decision, and this is his own decision.”

Last Saturday afternoon, in a party in Atlanta, Gordi and his brothers and father bathed in the sun, people gave them a drink, asking for a photo, the scene filled with beer and flesh steam. If you know Gron, then you will recognize this family, because each four men look like the famous brothers or son’s 2nd, 4th, 5th, the iconic smile and Explosive muscles.

As one of the Grea family, the career wrestling player of the beard – Laracheng said that it is great if Groner can join WWE. After the end of the last season, according to the “Wrestling Observer” report, WWE is interested in providing a full-time contract to Gronoski, similar to the previous WWE signed UFC star Longda-Luxi. In addition to fighting, Gordi also said that his brother is very interested in fitness, this is very similar to their father and son brothers, and the Gron family operates a decades in the Buffalo region, maybe Glona will be retired. They will also join them.

“He may also go to the movie,” Gordi took a serious saying that the next hand was taken, and another hand took a drink. Without worried about Gel Lung’s acting, he also partred in Mer-Gibson last year; 2015 movie “Star Partners” and 2017 movie “Kraku” played himself; also appeared in 2017 movie ” Outbound “, playing a guy who is called the king of the king in the play.

Usually, when a football player career is close to the end, family friends around me will count his career and then weigh the adequate and residual decision. However, Gel Lung’s family will not be indulge in this correctionism. When the reporter asked Gulong and the younger brother of the quantum mechanics, Gulong had any changes compared with the first time to play a super bowl. : “I don’t think he has any changes, as the old thing is five years ago.”

After the game, Atlanta Mercedes Mercedes-Benz stadium forated two-color confetti, Gronoski completed a 29-yard catching ball at a critical moment, helping the team completed the winning of the victory. That can be said that the most exciting ball, decisive attack. Gronard is very excited, and the end of the whistle, Gronard jumped up and jumped up, and a common man was difficult to understand (like an ancient tribe sing), his family also flooded into the court to celebrate.

But when he sat down after the press release, his arm was also entangled in the huge black protective gear that had been using since 2013. The reporter asked if this is the last game in your career, Gall hesitate: “I want Waiting with teammates, other things will have an answer in the next one to two weeks. “

Some people also mentioned a hit that Gulong encountered in the game. At that time, Gulong was collided with a ram defensive player: “Yes, we hit it, now I can’t walk away.” Gron When answering this question, there is no expression, and there is no joy: “But the result is great, we have won the super bowl.”

As the number of alliances, the body collision encountered in Gronoski is much more than other players, because his huge body always occupies the advantage of the opposition, defensive players are difficult to guard against using ordinary means. Every time Gran has collided, it seems to be very painful. We have seen him more than once. Before the Glonjun Alliance did a spinal surgery (this is why the second round is selected by the patriot), and the injury of the back and feet of the year is constantly, this season is also absent because of the loose tendon. Three regular games.

“I sometimes look at your experience in the field, in my favorite stage, hit all the time.” Glycopyrrolate, said: “It is hard, very, very difficult, they grapple your thighs, hit you head, destroying your body, this is not what I want. “

After the Super Bowl news conference, Gelong Mai with heavy steps back to the locker room, he began to dismantle the thick protective gear. Reporters saw glycopyrrolate locker in addition to their badge, only one pair of socks roll and a half-eaten sandwich, Brady private therapist Guerrero came and gently open the elbow guard glycopyrrolate pad. When the other players in the locker room holding a champagne dancing, glycopyrrolate is very quiet (almost serious). A reporter asked to be a celebration where the bodies lie, glycopyrrolate teeth whispered:. “You’ll know.”

Glycopyrrolate covered with a large towel, a huge scar on his shoulder because of the sweat and shiny, it is clear that his swollen right thigh looks incredible. Glycopyrrolate faltering movement, reporters asked whether looking forward to next season, glycopyrrolate smiled and said softly:. “I have to cool down, it is too excited.”

Although glycopyrrolate Koski is a key member of the team hated dynasty of suffering, slander someone, someone jealous, but he was much loved in New England, which is not hard to see why. Although sometimes like pleasure, but in front of the team is not self-glycopyrrolate, once stood on the pitch he can throw his body behind it. For glycopyrrolate, a career have joy, there is pain, but after every bone crunching sound, the kind of fear is in his mind lingering. After winning last Sunday in Atlanta, glycopyrrolate in more than joy into a contradiction.

On the one hand, glycopyrrolate really love football, on the other hand, the body does not allow him to continue to engage in this dangerous sport. Glycopyrrolate will continue to play it, we have several ways to analyze. First, money is very important, the Patriots next season will pay approximately $ 10 million glycopyrrolate, of which 800 million are being guaranteed. The difference is that with other players, glycopyrrolate has been relying on endorsements life on the sidelines, but on the pitch he earned US $ 50 million, both to invest and football-related careers. Secondly, after the retirement of the fear of the unknown, glycopyrrolate not only love the sport, but also friendship and love of the sport, he once said, “I give Brady play” kind of thing, although glycopyrrolate looks every day there is no dilemma, but in fact he is a very Pa Jimo person. Watch their teammates still playing alongside, while they quietly body back, envy or, for friendship Ye Hao, do not want to be lonely worth mentioning, glycopyrrolate heart make life difficult for themselves this off.

If glycopyrrolate career in nine seasons now choose to retire, his data, although not very bright, but also firmly into the Hall of Fame. His peak period lasted for several years, four-time Pro Bowl. This season, glycopyrrolate maintain a healthy act as Brady’s right-hand man, although he catch data greatly reduced on the court, he can open, such as the role of attack of the pick and roll no one can replace. Brady playoffs only once by the Rams sack, glycopyrrolate has great merit in it. I still remember that the general manager of the next year, Steve Kiim was commended by Gold Lung, which said that the alliance has no perfect close-end strike. Now the near-end peach is not a large child who will not stop, it is only Blocking a false front player who does not catch the ball. It can be said that Gelong’s appearance, completely reshapes the location of the near-end.

Why do people like big glycopyrrolate, because he was true, there are degrees crazy play, it seems cynical, but in fact have delicate feelings, the courage and the team for the brothers go through anything. For those of us sitting in an office all day lying on the couch or lazy people, Brady has a very modest life, but we may not want to become the kind of person we dream of living as glycopyrrolate.

Brother Gus is right, he said to his brother ever since entering the league, mentally and nothing changed. For confirmation, reporters also other Patriot players had asked the same question, but it was their ridicule: “. He was with that glycopyrrolate” security guard Patrick – Bell said. Glycopyrrolate worked eight seasons with the SWAT team veteran Matthew – Slater also agree with this statement: “As a player, his achievements made him maintain a childlike heart I think it’s all here for. serious adults, children should learn well the spirit of glycopyrrolate. “

When the correspondent in conversation, glycopyrrolate Huanhaoyifu strode into the hotel lobby, waved to his teammates, almost all reporters are concerned about whether glycopyrrolate will soon make a decision to retire. “May be today,” glycopyrrolate joked: “This is a double torment on the kind of spirit and body, my life will suffers from high school, I started to play football every year, and now I do not feel original. What is the difference.”

A reporter said bell head wearing a printed “DILF” hat, glycopyrrolate laugh, this is his first time to face the media smile. When asked whether he had the personality as arbitrary and get into trouble, glycopyrrolate shook his head: “Sometimes I will be very angry, but I can handle pretty good.” In other words, not in the traditional sense of glycopyrrolate new England players on, but he still comply with the Patriot stringent rules.

Another reporter asked, since often think of themselves in the field of pain of the moment, she has no memories of his practical jokes, why do those pranks. Glycopyrrolate Kaka Lo laughing voice rose an octave at least: “Can not think can not think, it’s too funny too good perhaps there will be more soon after..”

Perhaps soon after will do more mischief, is this glycopyrrolate give fans a hint of it?