This season NFL is the most steady player and the eagle for 5 years, the third high-paying hand

On November 28th, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, the Philadelphie eagle was playing Jake Elliott received a perfect Thanksgiving gift.

Philadelphia Eagle and Elio were reached, and the two sides signed the next five-year value of $ 21.8 million in the following five-year value, including the part of the guarantee of $ 10.45 million.

In this way, Jack Elliot will have been working to the Eagles to the 2024 season. And this 5 years is also the contract of NFL player contract and the third high of the margin history.

In the 2019 break, Eliore first launched a contract with the Eagle team with a $ 6.45 million contract.

This move of the Eagle is mainly to control the salary space in the team in the 2019 season to facilitate the operation of the next player.

In fact, because ElioTe will become a restricted free player after the 2019 season, the Eagle is also earnestly income, and will continue to have a long-term contract in the season.

In the 2017 NFL draft conference, Jack Elliot and the fifth round were selected by the Cincinnati Tiger team. But soon, the tiger cut off the young player, and the Philadelphia eagle won the profit and signed Elliott.

In the time of the Eagle, Eliot gradually became one of the best players in the NFL alliance.

After this contract, Jack-Elliott received the best thanksgiving gift this year, this young player is obviously very excited.

In social media, Elliot expresss their own excitement and joy – “Philadelphia Eagle! Take off!”

2017 season. Elliott Injury in the third week of the regular season, Elliott also became famous in the first place, and helped Philadelphia eagle won the super bowl of championship in the 2017 season. Trophy.

In the three years of Philadelphia Eagle, Elliott’s arbitrary ball shooter 76 in 66, the hit rate reached 86.8%, with an additional hit rate of 93%

In this season, Jack-Elliott’s competitive status is very good. So far, this year is only a 24-year-old player holding 100% of any of the ball, a total of 14 free people try all hits.

In 23 additional shooting, Elliot is an injection of 21 balls, with a hit rate of 91%. Obviously, the young player is likely to be selected this season’s all-star career bowl.



Continued Jack – Elliot is very important to Philadelphia eagle. Previously, Philadelphia eagle and the long-opened hand Low Lowto (Rick Lovato) continued to come up with a four-year contract, so that the eagle can continue to maintain a combination of stable special groups.

On the other hand, the eagle’s abandoned kick card Melon – Johnston will become a free player after this season, if there is no accident, the eagle should also use a long to leave Johnston to continue the tacit cooperation of the special team.