The three star field of the new season, the low-season, the red man releases Camp

The Cincinnati Red Cross Crowded Wilderness seems to have the final answer. At Saturday, the ball decided to release this snapped season, Matt Kemp, and will struggle this season. Shebler Schebler is decentralized to the AAA level of Louisville.

Camp, in a transaction of the Duo Dodge in the December last year, and the teammiel puig, Toolman Farmer, Left Pitcher Wood (Alex Wood) and cash To Cincinnati. However, in order to pick up a foreign country in San Dove, Camp on April 21, in order to pick up a foreign country.

The thirty-four-year-old old will also decline in the Los Angeles Daochun in the Los Angeles, and after the transaction comes to the Red Squad, his positioning in the team is not clear. He wore a red team uniform this season, and he saved a 5-point score of 5 points and 5 points.

When the sniper season, there was a trading rumor that the red man tried to trader, but it did not eventually occur. The salary of the Camp This season is $ 21 .15 million (US dollar), and the Dodge team reached an agreement with the Red Squad, and the Dodge team will be responsible for the $ 7 million salary and another 7 million to the Red Squad. As compensation for salary balance.

The arrival of Nick Senzel (he raised the big alliance on Friday), and the toolman Dietrich this season’s firepower output is to make the Red people decided to be with Camp. Due to the guidance. “In our ball, Matt seems to be less suitable for the situation of our team’s existing person.”

David Bell said in an interview. “He has a great career and has always been a very excellent player. But considering the status quo of our team’s field and the form of the team’s list, it is obvious that Matt and the current direction of our team are not suitable. And that is the reason why we have decided (Release Camp). “Bell also mentioned that the position of the Chinese and foreign wilder now belongs to the 23-year-old Xianrier, and he got a big league career at the beginning of the beginning. The first support, and also showed the wonderful offering of Chinese and foreign countries.

“We treat the Nick’s way, like other players, let him maintain health, let him maintain strong, let him ensure that you can play every day.” Bell said. “We will take him a few days, but he is our first Chinese and foreign wilder. He is in this team is a fixed-first-ranking player. Although he is not very familiar with this location (Yin Zhar Range Only in the field, he was a wilder. So, he may be a little smashing. But we are very confident to him, we like him, we are very sure that our future is to guard him in the future, more Very confident in our first-ranking portfolio. “

Xie Belle offs 3A, red man pulls left pitcher Cabi-Rude

Xie Belle offs 3A, red man pulls left pitcher Cabi-Rude

At the same time, although it is decentralized, Xie Brull is still in the red team’s future blueprint. The general coach mentioned that Shebler spent some time, went to the small alliance to find a sense of hit, which is very important to him. Before being lower, Xiebr’s’s hit score is the miserable version of 0.123 hits, and only 2 of the 81 players play 7 points. The Cody Reed will be called the large alliance to fill the location of Zebrhler. “This is a very hard one for him.” Bell said soablor. “We are very confident that he will gradually improve after this month. We are very confident to him, he will adjust the place he needs to adjust, and then returns here. We need him, this organization believes him.”

Now I am running on the outer wilderness of Cincinnati, respectively, the left outer wilderness Jesse-Winkel, the Chinese and foreign wilderness, and the right wilder. This set of lineup is very stable and will continue. Aspects, the previously mentioned Ditrich can also complete the defense of the two corners, and he hits the 7-year-old group of 64 play, including two three-year gun in Friday competition, and 20 points It is his big contribution. In addition, the inner wilder https://www.trikotskaufenn.comhand Jose Peraza can also stand on the top of the preparation.

“In spell, we are very excited for Nick’s arrival,” Ditrich said. “He has been highly eye-catching since a long time. He is a very early child. He is a very early child, and he knows many truths. I am looking forward to playing with him. I really like the wealth combination of our team. , Puig and Winkel are very good, they also bring vitality with enthusiasm for the team, we all feel it. “