The rookie is also temper, and the 13th Xiu Wiji referee has been expelled, and the first person is the first person.

NBA regular match is a focus war, Indiana walker against the Ni Sida forest wolf. When the competition was conducted in the first paragraph of the fourth section, an accident occurred on the field. The walker team Xiu Du Alt sentiment was out of control, and the anger referee was expelled, and became the first person of the same year.

The pedestrian team is generally, and they are currently only 9 wins and 13 losses, and the 13th place in the eastern part is only a little bit more than the winning magic and piston. And the forest wolf is much better, they will get 10 wins and 10 losses, get 50% winning rate, ranking eighth in the west.

The two teams have a confrontation, and it is still very intense. In the first quarter, the pedestrian team won 6 points in 26-20. The next session, winning 3 points in 31-28, half of the half-bid, into the midfield. Easy side, the third section of the forest wolf is coming, and the single section of 30-19 success is superior. In this case, the pedestrian player’s emotional fluctuations are also normal, but if you will be punished because of an angry judgment, it will not pay.

Take a look at the situation at the time, Du Alte the ball, was steal by Josh Ao Kui, he can only pull people. The referee is under the eyelids. For this judgment, Dourt is very dissatisfied, he first complained to a smilly, teammates quickly persuaded him to calm, but unfortunately did not stop, Du Alter also eats the second T It is directly punished and has become the first person of the rookie.

Before leaving, Du Alter has played 21 minutes and 26 seconds, 11 shots 5, three points 5 shots 3, get 14 points 2 rebounds 2 assists. Du Alte is the first round of the first round, he is a big decree, it is 24 years old this year, and 20 games this season, the average can get 13.1 points 4.3 rebound 2.1 assists.