The biggest difference in history is born! Thunder is 73 points brush record, shame 8 games, rocket

On December 3, the NBA regular season continued, the Thundervead 79-152 lost Grizzlies, 73 points of division! The maximum difference in NBA in history is born, and the Thunder has a 15 game. This game Grizzlies core Molant is absent because of the shortcomings of the knees, although there is no core, but the performance of the Grizzlies is not affected, they will lead the Thunder 36 points in half. In the second half, the Thunder without Alexander is more unhappy. The difference is also continuously opened. The three sections have been behind, and the winning and negative suspense is disappeared in advance. Thunder has swallowed a historic defeat, and the last 8 games The competition, they are hard to seek a win.

This Thunder has created a shame record:

36 points in half, 36 points behind, and
chasing the half-footed half of the thunder’s history, including the team supersonic period.

The Thunder is 51 points behind, and in the history of the three sections of the NBA, it is worth mentioning, it is worth mentioning on this list, the first is the Thunder 56 points;

Thunder’s full competition is 73 points, NBA history’s maximum division is born, and the maximum difference in the previous difference is 68 points.

It can be said that this game is a shame for the Thunder. The team swallowed a historic fiasco. It is indeed unexpectedly. After all, the opponent bears is not the western super team, there is no Core Morant, so for Thunder, they created a record.

The Thunder’s losers are called the rocket. Now the record of Thunder is 6 wins and 16 losses. The rocket is only 0.5 winnings. As long as you can defeat magic tomorrow, they can be like the Thunder. At the same time, they will get rid of the position of the western bottom due to mutual record (3 wins and 1 losses). It is necessary to know that the rocket that has experienced 15 landlight has occupied the first long time in the western part, and the recent Thunder’s 8-game defeat, let the Rockets have seen the opportunity to get rid of the deputy squad.

Now that the rocket has gains 4 consecutive victories. After 15 joints, the strong rise, although Wood, Burt and Jaylin are retired during the game, but Tit and Gordon have been in this time. This is very critical for the Sierrat coaches.

As for the Thunder, in recent seasons, their strength declined, and they sent away, Adams and Schroed and others, they also rebuild from the team that had been competition, although Dalt and Alexander and others Normal, but the Thunder wants to rise, still https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comtake a long time.