NBA Morning Post: The slower player ranks from the front of the megow, the Warriors put the brother, Walker and Wall may interchange

NBA fans, everyone is good! Today, the Alliance has arranged 5 games, and the specific schedule is shown below. Today’s Lakers, Warriors, and the Three Distance Teams of the Nets have games, but today’s focus is the warrior to the sun. At present, the Warriors and the sun are divided into the top two in the western part, but the winner is only one game. The words are the first in the West. The solar team has achieved 16 consecutive victories. If you want to create a team history 17, you must win this game, so both parties in this game will go all out. Before appreciating the wonderful game, let’s take a look at what hot news is worth paying attention:

1, Green: Stewart should learn my lesson, and after I conflict with LBJ is not good. Green said that I was about 5 years ago and James conflict once. The result is very bad for me. He wins the championship in the case of 1-3 backward, now I am still regret, so Stewart should take me. lesson.

2, the average rate of the game: the offensive end AD Alliance is the slowest, James, Harden is the slowest. According to official statistics, this season is more than 100 minutes of players, the offensive end average rate is the slowest player: thick eyebrows, Eden, melon, Downs, Damo, James; the rightmost: Paul, Ha Deng, James, Gordon, Lori, East Chickens; the slowest average rate is Harden, James, Gordon, Enabad, Paul, melon, and eyebrows.

3, Knicks intentionally traded Walker, may think that the Rocket is its potential trading partner. Nicks wants to introduce an old will, and the Rockets want to get rid of the burden, so the two sides may reach an agreement. According to the previous Siberu revealed that Walker has been rotated from the starting team, and Wal wants to play playing and serve as an important role.

4, Curry: No Yuanyuan Rematch is my lowest valley in my career, so I don’t want to think about those. The library said that it is very uncomfortable as the audience. This is my two years of pain. Although I have a chance to start again, I always missed the opportunity, I am not willing to mention it, that is my career. Minimum valley.

5, Curry: The Alliance’s situation has changed soon, and it can be discussed in the past two years. The Coiri said that you have to understand that the situation of the alliance changes very quickly. People always take the two years of performance to compare the previous five years, such topics are more featured. But the truth is that we have declined sharply after five years, and they do make sense.

6, Randel: Durant is the best player in the league, can do everything, no weakness. Randel said that Durant is the best player in the alliance. I have never seen a 7-foot player has such a technology. He can do everything on the court. He has no weakness and is very tough.

7, Howard: 20 years of western decoration, no, no, we can’t win. Howard said that if there is no defense of about 约 基, we can’t pass the Nuggets. Before entering the park, I have just experienced loved ones, regardless of the outside world, I think that the champion of the Lakers has made a key contribution.

8, Nash: Understand Griffin’s feelings, but we must give other players a chance. Nash said that Griffin’s attitude is very good, I understand his feelings, but I have to give other players. Of course, if there is a right opportunity, he can still play a role in the field.

9, Bark: Green, Green, sent me a lot of NBA socks, very comfortable. Bak said that I and Green are old towns. When I am high school, he often sent me some NBA socks. Those socks are very comfortable, I will wear them when playing. In fact, NBA socks were rare, there is no channel to buy.

10. Official: Warriors will defend Damien Lee to the development of alliance. The Warriors’ officers put the brother-in-law training, it is worth mentioning that Clay and Huosman are there.

11, Note: Small Porter still has a reproduction possibility this season, but the team will be very cautious. According to previous reports, small bats are expected to be reimbursed because of back injury, but today’s ESPN is said that there is a possibility of resetting this season after the operation is completed, but the Nuggets will be careful.

12, Durant: I can integrate any of the architects any player, how can I figure out. Durant said, I can tell you confidently, I can integrate with any system, partner, I have been constantly grinding my own game, no matter what happens, I can figure out.

13, Buck officially announced that the team officially signed Demucus-Cuscus. Cousins ??and the Bucks were signed a one-year no guarantee contract, and the Handshad Shuai revealed that he expects Cousins ??to debut in the game of the Hornet tomorrow.

14. Warriors vs The sun is a team-signed ahead of 85% and 7+ winners. The Warriors seven successful after winning, the record is 18 wins and 2 losses. The Sun Team 16 wins after the record is 17 wins and 3 losses. According to the data given by ESPN, this is the first two stroning rate of the history greater than 85%, and the team documented between 7+ convolutions.

15, Nash: Do not think that Harden needs to score like the old, I hope he will maintain aggression. The reporter asked Nash, did you need Ha?, The big bag is big in the score? Nash said that it is not necessary, but I hope that Harden has always maintained the aggressiveness of the attack, and he is good.