More than Disney and NBA front magic team executives will take MLB to Orlando

(Wen ESPN) Live Orlando, Chinese fans are most familiar with the NBA magic team and MLS football team Orlando City, because Kaka’s joining once entered the sight of Chinese fans once. Of course, Orlando is the most familiar or known worldwide Disneyland.

However, for the former Magic Help Pit-Williams, Orlando obviously also needs an MLB team. Williams said in an interview that Orlando is more worthy of MLB team than other six cities. The potential of this city has made it a preferred place for MLB Great Alliance. Previously, there were rumors, MLB plans to address new MLB teams in Charlotte, Las Vegas, Montreal, Nashville, Portland and Vancouver.

At present, Orlando has 2.5 million people, but it needs to receive 75 million visitors every year, except Magic and Orlando City, there is also a professional women’s football team. Williams said that if Orlando wants to maintain development, sports must be part of it, and our situation is much better than other cities. “

However, Williams’ ideal is difficult to achieve, because of the two baseball teams in Florida in Orlando, Miami Marin and Tampa Bay. As we all know, the number of live fans in the two teams is particularly small, and their live fans are ranked in the last two of the league.

Interestingly, Williams has created the team’s “official website”, we can see that he seems to name the team “Dreamers”, but also a team’s logo, designed a set The team’s baseball suit, a player of a red tone and a baseball cap with the “O” word sign. Williams said that he would investigate Orlando’s interest in MLB team before developing a specific plan.

There is no previous evaluation of Williams, but MLB Chairman Manfield has repeatedly stated that the alliance will not consider expansion of the ball before the Auckland sportswater and Tampa Bay’s rays. team.

At present, the Auckland sportsman is actively striving to build a beachfront counter in Howard Terminal, and the team is currently hoping to begin the construction of a new course next year. In December last year, the radiance also gave up the plan to build a new stadium in the Berbema area of ??Tampawan. The team owner Steenberg also said that the team must consider where to play after the 2027 season. problem. MLB approved Tampa and Montreal’s “Double City” program in June last year, but there is no detailed solution.