MLB20 daily expansion Frequency red bird VS small bear Kobe Central District Key Battle

Beijing time on September 20th 07:15 will stage a national affiliate battle, St. Louis Hashton is a guest, challenge the enemy Chicago Winnabar, which is the first game of the four series of competitions. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

The red tag has ended the three series of people with the nationals, and they won two wins and negative, continue to rankings in the top of the country of China, with the bonsor and winemakers. Advantages.

The bear is a wonderful couple in the three series of four series. The bear walker is very fluent, sweeping the pirates in the last series, and the three games jointly played a total of 14 homes and 47 points. The bear is at least 14 points in three consecutive games, and has become the team of the big profit since 1900, the fifth team reached this achievement.

However, the bearings of the bear have been swallowing, and they can only attract 2 points. At present, the bears compete with winemakers in the Kingdom Dragonfly Card, and the national gap between the 3rd card has 1.5 winners.

Rocks VS bear is one of the most famous classic derivatives of the alliance. At the final stage of the season, the two teams will have a lot of seven games, and the results of this seven games will determine the final fate of the two teams.

First firing

The Red Picking team first pitcher: Jack – Fleti

The bear team first pitcher: Kyle Hendricks

The rickets are dispatched with the new tricks Jack – Ferryti served as a first firman. This year is only 23 years
old, the right country is the best national offer after the all-star game. The recent first year is to invest 6 biases in the game in the game on September 14.

Prior to https://www.trikotskaufenn.comthis game, Ferretti’s self-blade was 0.76 after the all-star competition in this season, which is the second half of the second half of the world’s history in 1933, second only to the bear. Yang Pitcher Ali Tower is 0.75 created in 2015.

The Bumble Bench will be handed by the Guest Pitcher Kyle Hundex. This 29-year-old and right of the season, 28 times have been recorded 11 wins and 9 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is very good 3.26. Hendricks has recently wins the victory, and the two games are only lost.

Focus star

The Red Squad is very bright after the All-Star game of the season, and the hits are 30%, the hits are 40%. 08 . From the whole season, the hit rate of 20% 84 is also the highest in the March.

The Asian player from Hawaii came to the seventh year of the Great Pilot Career. This season’s attack index. 784, very close to the heart of the 2017 season. 788. The 28-year-old left trick ranked the country’s second base in a number of criticized data, and was considered to have a chance to win the first gold glove award.

Bear left outer wilder – Schobo Ben seasons sent a new high 37 strokes, and the highest in the cousaba. 37 Bang is also the top left of the homes in the homes in 1972 in 1972. Although the 26-year-old heavy gunner is generally prepared, his long-playing ability has been optimistic. This season is long. 521 and attack index. 849 are new.