How horror is the first person in MLB? Tuuri wants to impact single season 50

As a famous heavy gunner in the Alliance, the angel second stick Tuurot has never reached: win the top season of the game and the single game 50.

However, this season, Turuit is likely to touch these two milestones at the same time. In the past 9 years of career, Truite has never destroyed the ball like this year.

At present, Teraurt’s 33-yield hit the United States, and the Yangji Headman Edwen after him has 3 gaps with 3 baking hits. According to the current efficiency, in the absence of 59 games, Trick’s unique hope to get 52 baking skills at the end of the regular season, and only 29 in history, 45 people reach this achievement.

Although Truite currently leads the Mid-League, it is more beautiful than the quantity, and the whole quality of Tu Turi is more astonishing.

The 33st 33 of Turett, is a topball in Tuesday, a 454-feet of super shelling on Tuesday. Broad through the thresholds of the two balances of massive boom – 110 miles from the rod, the landing distance is 450 feet. This is by no means a typical home, and this all-running also makes Truite to lead the entire alliance in the number of these two indicators.

This season, Tuurot has 14-year-old base speed at least 110 miles / hour, led the list of this season. Compared with yourself, since the statistics of this data in 2015, the quantity of 110 miles above the Turkit single season had never exceeded 8 (2016, 8), and this year’s regular season I have been 6 months old! Not only that, he also slammed the 3rd a total of more than 450 feet or more, with Josh-Bell and the largest alliance.

So in the four seasons of 2015 to 2018, there is more than 450 feet of all-running?

The answer is that there are 4. Yes, this season has more than 450 feet in the whole season, has exceeded the total amount of the past 4 years!

When we look at the data loss, we have a total of 425 feet or more, 12 hair, Qiaon Gall, Treasury, Treas, Treas, Treas, 1000 feet or more Playing, 23, ranking second, second only to Yeric.

After reading the absolute value, look at the average value, the average version of Truite this season is 107.8 mi / hour, which is 1.3 higher than last year; the average flight distance is 418 feet, the best 412 feet from 2016. 6 feet.

Although this kind of wild beast is not giving him an extra score to his team, it will definitely prefer to see such a performance. Behind our homework, it is the ability to support Truite so many crazy homes. It can help him achieve the perfect combination of starting and angle of the rod. Every 5 times, Turt is hit by the ball, plus the base of the vowel, and 8% (52 times this season) can play the perfect combination of speed and angle. This is the best data of the Alliance. It is this ability to upgrade, so that the first time in the season in the season in the season in 9 seasons.

As the season slowly entered the prevalence stage of the competition for the competition, Tuuri will play a crucial role in the angel’s playoffs.

Personal achievements, team records. Turkte, see you in the second half!