Counting the new season Top Ten Talent Offensive Group: Brown is not in front of the top five small horses

If the draft conference, our trade-in discussing the strength of all teams, it is really unrealistic; however, although some teams have to kill the grain, the rookie can make us all the new seasonThe multi-faceted ability of the team has a general look.One interesting thing is that according to the comprehensive assessment, the Emirates, the ravery, the Saints, the Patriot Team and the Steel People are the best five teams at the top alliance offensive; however, these teams also in the 2019 season alsoCan you worry about it with a low pillow?Not seen.

The Patriot team’s Dagelong retired, the team did not supplement the strong close-up; the steel people’s Antonio-Brown is willing to take the team after a toss, only left a three-wheel sign and five-way signs for steel people; Terryk Hill, the Emirates, is likely to stay away from the venue, worse, he is likely to watch the team’s new season in the numbers. Do you think the Saint team is very stable? Don’t forget that Bris has been 40 years old. Is it good to Galley? Who knows? If you do a rankings for all teams’ offense capabilities, we have to consider the reserve depth of the team in various technical positions, and the strength of the offensive front line; it is a relative Objective statement. So this also explained, why is it in this list? The brunt of the Talent City with Beckham joined did not squeeze into the top five.

1, New Orleans Saints

Quartz (B +): Drew Bris, Teddy – Bridgewater, Thaisham Hill

If Bris is not a chain in the second half of the last season, their quadruple bidders are not only b +. The cruel reality is that the 40-year-old Bris is very bad in the last season of the last season, and his quick pass is not so fantastic; after his arm strength is gradually lost, you are hard to think A short quarter-off will have more other ways to solve problems on the field. Fortunately, the first round quartz Weberd Water is a reliable substitute, and “Swiss Army Stroke” Teroham Hill can let the coach Sha En-Pelton change more patterns to make up for Bris Barren in the future offensive means.

Run Guard (A-): Alvin – Kamara, Latvis – Murray, Dwick – 厄 齐 博, Zach – Lynn

Although I took away Mark Enghar Mark, but added to Ratvis-Murray was absolutely supplemented in power. He is extremely contrast with Kamara’s morphology and forms a perfect complementary. And they can become full-scale running guards, which makes the coach Pelton are more rich and confusing in tactical arrangements. It is also said that Kamara may usher in his career year in the new season.

Gushing group (B +): Michael-Thomas, Jarid Cook, Telf – Gold, Trekwan – Smith, Kius Cornwood, Cameron – Merreis, Austin Carl

The new season’s Saint team team can be described as “bird gun replacement gun”. Only Thomas had a class of transvestiles last season, and the old old and small; the next signing of the close-end Trump, plus speed-type external hand Tiede-gold, and suddenly let the team’s ball team is extremely three-dimensional . Smith and Cornwood have a vision, and Merreis and Carl are also acting as a strange troops in individual files.

Attack front line (B +): Tailun Armste, Lane Ramchik, Andros Pate, Larry Wo Folode, Eric McCay, Nick Easton, Michael Ola

If the career bowl is not retired, this offensive front line will be higher. Despite this, this offensive front line is still the best in the alliance. Although there is a series of injuries in the end of the last season, it is not very large in the process of protecting Bris, enough to see the depth of this offensive front line.

2, Indianapolis Pony

Quartz (A): Andrew-Ruck, Jacob – Brisett

When a quadrant can get 39 times, and when you have a prize in Dongshan, it is so unbearable for his injuries before him. In 2012, the Yuan Xiuandru Rak proved that as long as he stayed healthy, he is still the “God of God” that can lead the piles all the way. As for Brisette, although he failed to get enough victory during the injury, the game process showed that he was a reliable substitute quarter-saving.

Run Guard (B): Malone – Mark, Niheim – Hayns, Jordan – Wilkins, Spans Wil

The strength of the “civilian running men” still can’t be underestimated, Mark Mark proves that he is a big one, and the team does not introduce heavyweight running guards to see him trust. Haynes received 63 passes of Lak last season, he can show the power in the ribbling fast pass and screen short pass. Wilkins can be satisfied in the rotation, and Wil’s joining more is the “insurance” bought by the team for the depth of running guards.

Gushing group (B +): TY-Hilton, German-Fengtes, Eric, Ebron, Jack – Diel, Paris – Campbell, Chester – Rogers, Zach – Pascar

The buses of the piles and the Saint team will also change their faces. They have to rely on Rogers and Pascal last season, but this two will be a team of sixty-seven counsers. Hilton has no doubt that the professional bowl level, Ebron proves that his first round is worthy of his first round, and the new Jin Joofeng’s exception takes Feng Tes and strength Xiukel make the team’s team’s ball strikes more balanced, plus Restoring healthy Duire, the pony team’s ball team is equipped.

Attack front line (A-): Anthony Casinzo, Braton – Smith, Quinton – Nelson, Mark Golski, Ryan – Kelly, Joe-Haig, Evan Bham

After the three-year attack front line, the horses’ efforts have finally received their return; this offensive front line leading by Casinzo, Nelson and Kelly, only let Racly receive the minimum of 18 times in the league last season, killing The rate is low to the desired 2.8%! So, do you understand why Rock’s performance is so excellent, the data of the running guard is so beautiful; this super quality offensive front line minimum is half a credit.

3, Philadelphia Eagle

Quartz (B +): Carson – Winz, Nate – Surfield, Kretton – Solson

Although I lost “San Nick”, the four-point guards of the Eagles team were still in the forefront of the league. His talent, his vision, his move, his pressure, his big heart makes the 2016 show look high. If he can restore the performance of the MVP level before the injury in 2017, no one will be a small vague team.

Run Guard (B): Miles – Sanders, Jordan – Howard, Winndel – Smo Wood, Corre – Clement, Josh – Adams.

The eagle is trapped in the season last season, so the new season double boxing has solved this trouble. Sanders is known as some of the best rookie runners this year. He has been standing in Pennsylvania, and in front of him is a famous giant team “thigh” Sac Wan – Buckley. At the same time, the trading comes to the bear family to travel to Jordan – Howard, such an running guard will be multiplied by the backfield. As for Stimwood and Clemente, although they are not the starting to run the guard, the 2017 season’s super bowl process proves that they are great rotational running guards.

Gaggball group (A-): Zach, Erz, Al Shang-Jeffrey, Deten-Jackson, Nelson-Agrar, JJ-Artapga, Bookes, Dallas – Goldt, Charles Johnson

It seems that no one has a strong speech group of the old Eagle new season, in fact, when you see such a lineup, you will understand this A-evaluation is not too much. Erz is the number of close-end front-end ball weapons. Jeffri has been a big external area that can be alone in the past few years. Agrore’s speed can not be ignored, and now, the deep anti-strike weapon Jackson trades back. When these people stay healthy, you can imagine how terrible of the Eagles of the Eagle.

Attack front line (B +): Jason Peters, Len – Johnson, Brandon – Brooks, Aisac – Sumarko, Jason – Kelsea, Andre Dillard, Harlopoli Di-Tatai, Matt-Plar

Although Peters is sluggish, you will never look at a future of famous celebrities; Johnson and Brooks are the grade of professional bowls. Although Kelsea is not like his brother of the Emirates. Dragons, but he is still a strong center. Tatai can play multiple locations, the first round of Xiu Drador will be a strong supplement after the future of Peters retired, and the junior junction is so enviable.

4, Atlanta Eagle

Quartz (A-): Matt – Lane, Matt – Shab

Some people may think that this score is somewhat virtual, but you will see that Lenno last season will understand the “ice man” is not yomant. The Falcon is ranked 6 in the top 6 of the Ball code, the score and the success rate of the score and the transfer of the passage, which also considers the team’s long-term lack of long-term lack of the team; so Lai En is the MVP level . After the dismissal of repeated attack coordinators Savi Xi’an, Ryan welcomed his old acquaintance – the former pirate team coach Cott, we have reason to look forward to the performance of Ryan more excellent, although he is stable enough enough Excellent.

Run Guarda (B-): De Feng Tower – Fremy, Ito Smith, Quadri Alison, Brian Hill, Kenjan – Barna

Private, this score is a bit high, and it is not too much. After Thai-Coleman, the team did not have any additional supplements in the running guard, and Smith’s performance shows that he can’t pick up the flag of the team’s pavement, and Friman has just injured. Restore, and he often suffers from injuries. If he can’t keep health, the Falcon is afraid to repeat the mistakes last season.

Getball group (a): Hurio-Jones, Calvin-Rudley, Muhammad, Sanon, Austin, Hopp, Justin, Mucus, Lux, Stoke

Do you need to explain this team? How magical and unbelieited from the top of the league Jones, I don’t want to say, Ridley contributed 821 yards and 10 times, he was still a very reliable ball goal; Sanon left the slam team Still the courage, Hu La has always been a “shameless big fortune” strength close-up. Have these people, the 4000-yard new season of Matt Ryan is stable!

Attack front line (B-): Jack – Matthews, Kleib – McGg, Chris Linderstroren, James – Cagpete, Alex Mark, Jia Meng – Brown, Thai – Sam Brero

The Falcon’s offensive front line is heavy in the break, except for Matthew and the center Mark, the three main force left the team. Therefore, the team can’t wait to choose two first rounds of attack front line players at the election meeting, trying to fill in, and such an intriguation strategy is very easy to lead to the result of both polarization. Either, this sharp line is particularly excellent; either, this sharp line special “slag paper”.

5, Los Angeles

Quartz (B): Jarid Gary, Brek Burtas

Only a 3-point performance on the super bowl stage allowed the Ability of Jarid Gaofu. Some people think that he is in the system of the chief, McDe, has played a bright performance in the last season, but after this system is limited, the Gaoff does not have enough personal abilities lead the team forward more further. Indeed, a good system can help a player, no matter whether this argument is too excited, it is impossible to change the new season Gaofu’s leading competition in McDe, so he is a high-prime husband of “universe sheep”.

Run Guard (B +): Todd – Galley, Malcolm – Brown, Durier – Henderson, John Kelly

This rating is a balanced score, the reason for the balanced no one can expect how much Galley’s knee injury is on his impact. If he recovers health, then the race guard score will be A- or A; if he is still falling in the end of the season, then the raceguard score will drop to B- or even C. As for several rear, they can only do a rotation or substitute.

Gushing group (B +): Robert – Woods, Brandin – Cook, Cooper – Kup, Gerard Efret, Taylor Higby, Josh Renault

This ball team has proven their depth very strong last season, Woods and Cook have taken the best of the league, and Coop is a far-reaching distance to combat weapons. Two near-end Arms proved that they can provide help when they can fight in the team, Reynolds is also a strength to take advantage of the charcoal in the snow. There is no intern in these players, there is no primary school chicken, all plug-and-play, high capabilities.

Attack front line (B +): Andrew – Whitworth, Rob – Hawinstein, Austin Brah, Joseph, Northam, Brian – Allen, Bobby Evans, David – Edwards

The offensive front line of the mason is also lost, and the striker Safford leaves the team, and the center of the Sanyan is no longer completed. Although the two second-grade players Northam and Alon can add their position, the sharp line will play some discounts, but there is a Huetworth sitting, this offensive front line still belongs to the first class of the league.

6, Kansas Emirates

Quartz (A +): Patrick – Mahms, Chad Haini, EJ-Manuel

Patrick Mahmus ended his first office season in an incredible way, the passing code number alliance, the passing of the number of alliances, the number of people, won the annual MVP and the best offensive player double award. He certainly matches a A +, and even you can give him s, or even SSS. His mobile, vision, arm, and incredible emergency response are amazing, countless fans have been forced to look forward to the beginning of the new season, so that they can see the souvenirs on the Pony Games.

Run Guard (C +): Damian – Williams, Carlos – Hyde, Darwin – Thompson, James Williams

Why is it possible to rank sixth? The answer is not difficult to find below. If the emirate talent last season is full, then the new season will become the right of Mahms. After the removal of Carim Hunter, the Emirates helped Damian-Williams, and complement Hyde during the offset season, but the two people were tied to a level of Hunter, still not properly played.

Gushing group (B): Travis – Kelsea, Sami-Watekins, Mikhr – Hadman, Demagus Robinson, Sami-Cotz, Cody – Thompson, (Terrek Hill)

Outside the professional bowl, speed-type killing Terryk Hill’s field problem is “the disaster” of the Emirates. If Hill’s expectations expected, the Emirates returns to the except for the two years, there is no reason outside Kelps overnight. Watkins stopped and stopped all the way, and did not honor the talent. Hardman is a bitter supplement, but can he replace Hill?

Attack front line (B): Eric Fisher, Mitchell – Schwarz, Lawrence Duvina Taddiff, Cameron – Ostein, Austin Rit, Andrew – Wili

This offensive front line indeed belonging to the level of the league, the highlight performance of Mahms and the offensive system of the Emirates depth RPO reduces the pressure of the offensive front line. They only need to protect the Mahms to sufficient him to quickly shift the ball or consciously run out the pocket. From this point, this score is more than Ken.

7. Cleveland Brown team

Quartz (B +): Baker – Merfield, Duru – Stanton

Panning the star, the most popular “New Jin Net Red” Brown team finally appeared. Mefield showed the strength of his championship last season. It is indeed the best in the five four-point guards in the same period; however, this does not cover up he is doing a good time last season. The situation of the teachings caused by the ball. This may be a tuition fee to pay in a rhetorical growth, but Melfield can’t avoid lightning, still persistently in the small probability event, he may plant some heels in the new season.

Run Guard (A-): Nick Chabr Blast, Duke – Johnson, Carrim Hunter, Dalin – Hall

If Hunt should ban eight games, this score will be higher. The low-cost signing hunte is definitely the general manager of the Brown team, “picking up the treasure”, almost a top running guard; the Nick-Chase last season, Harde’s 8th side, becoming the highest efficiency . Duke Johnson is slightly inferior, but he is also a plurality of faces attack. If the Brunt coach can Balance the relationship between this three, the Brunt’s pavement offensive will be very horrible.

Gaggball group (A-): Odel Beckham, Javis – Randri, Antonio – Karavi, David – Nococco, La Sikins, Dimit Willi – Harris

Beckham’s joining is undoubtedly letting the Brown team will add the youthful ball group such as Tiger, he and the Double Star combination of Landri calls the wind in the university, and now they are also expected to achieve this in the Brown team. If Karavi can squand in his position, he is also a talented strength of the powerful walking; the performance of Enjoku has always been equipped with the value of the first round. Such a talented ball group is undoubtedly a combination of the most eye-catching combination of the new season.

Attack front line (B-): Greg – Robinson, Chris Habe, Joel – Tonio, Austin Kubbert, JC-Trett, KFR-Ram, Eric Kush Brian Witzman

It is this mediocre offensive front line. It is the mediocre offensive front line. Although Greg Robson is a list of eye show, he is based on the discards by the ram. . In addition to Betono, the rest of the players are not the leader in each position. After this sharp line, Melfield also wants more ways.

8, Los Angeles Chargers

Quarterback (B +): Philip – Rivers, Tailuo De – Taylor, Easton – Mystic

The river has long been a quasi-elite-level quarterback, but considering his age and state of ups and downs in recent years, we still can not vouch for his performance in the new season. But Taylor is a good substitute, both in the first episode when Bill team, or briefly played in the Browns, he gives the impression of strong athletic ability and very few mistakes. However, his style and Rivers that much difference, so the Lightning team still expect Rivers to stay healthy.

Running back (A-): Melvin – Gordon, Austin – Aike Le, Justin – Jackson, Gaudet Ramirez – Newsom

Gordon if stay healthy, he is a first-class league running back; and the corresponding, Aike Le is not only a complement to Gordon, Gordon impact on his status in all respects. Currently the two formed a good relationship healthy competition, which will undoubtedly make Lightning team more offensive pavement shine.

Ball group (B +): Keenan – Allen, Mike – Williams, Hunter – Henry, Travis – Benjamin, Dylan – Cantrell, Alta Weiss – Scott, Virgil – Green

Although the loss of Terrell – Williams, but this does not affect talented Lightning team ball group. Allen is undoubtedly the league leading wide receiver Mike Williams – Williams every year to prove the strength of their own seventh overall; Benjamin is outside a practical type of speed took over, Hunter – after Henry’s return to health is a heavy ball weapons, but who can guarantee that the team will not Gates, then sign back?

The offensive line (C): Russell – O’Connell, Sam – Tai Wei, Dan – Feeney, Michael – Schofield, Mike – Pangxi, Cole – Cortona, Frist – Lampe, Terre – Pipujinsi

This offensive line’s biggest feature is a misnomer, O’Connell and Pangxi long past the monster up front when the play is not the original endeavor. – Michael Scofield? He can not “Prison Break” actor is so miraculous strength.

9, Pittsburgh Steelers

Quarterback (B +): present – Rhodes Wrisberg, Joshua – Dobbs, Mason – Rudolph

Big Ben last season passing yardage set a career high, which may make him unexpected; but the reason why the Steelers can remain on this list, but also because last season they try a new attacking style harvest to good results. However, Big Ben’s age is an unavoidable problem, he’s the tank how much oil is questionable. But Dobbs and Rudolph from speaking ability can temporarily replace it.

Running back (B): James – Connor, Jay – Samuels, Benny – Snell

Connor’s last season with excellent performance among the Pro Bowl, also replace the Bell position in the team. But whether he can replace the role of all aspects of Bell in the game, but also play a question mark. Samuels was injured in Conner as well as some good performance when running back rotation, even a single field data over a hundred yards appeared, but apparently he is not a big-time running back.

Ball group (B): juju – Smith Schuster, East Point – Moncrieff, Diang Te – Johnson, Vince – MacDonald, James – Washington, Ryan – Siwei Ze, Eli – Rogers

Steelers ball group still looks a war, but off the Antonio – after Brown, juju become the number one foreign team took over, his data is likely to increase because of the opponent’s defensive intensity and shrink. The rest of the players do not seem to give juju help form a strong, McDonald once domineering side leakage touchdowns last season, but the same lens does not always appear on his body.

The offensive line (B +): 阿莱汉德罗 – Nueva Segovia, Matt – Ferrer, David – de Castro, Ramon – Foster, hair Keith – Pangxi, BJ- Finland Nigeria, Charing Cross – Oak Laffer, Zach – Banner

Although tackle Gilbert left the team, but last season, starting five of the other four are still in the Buddha, they can at least make sure that behind Big Ben and Connor still above the general season looks decent.

10, Green Bay Packers

Quarterback (A): Aaron – Rogers, DeShawn – Kaiser

As long as Rogers, the Packers will always be on the offensive end that support team surprise you; as long as the miracle in Rogers, the next moment he is likely to create surprising. Packers last season if not dismal record, if not subjected to the constraints of Rogers conservative tactics of former coach McCarthy, Packers quarterback rating is also supposed to be A +.

Running back (B-): Aaron – Jones, Jamal – Williams, Dexter – Williams, Capri – Bi Busi

Aaron – Jones can form an effective support for Rogers in road attack, but this support is only stuck in the “active” stage. As several other people, who are they?

Wide receiver (B): German Aventis – Adams, Geronimo – Allison, Marquis – Balder MEP Kante Lin, Jimmy – Graham, Egypt boast Niemi Erskine – Shengbu Lang, Jim Well – Moore, Trevor – Davis, Jess – Sternberg

Adams was a Pro Bowl wide receiver level, commendable; Allison occasional good performance, Graham thin dead camel than Ma. …… What the Marquis, and Egypt …… Shengbu Lang, watching their games and read their names will have the same feeling – brain hurt Jen!

The offensive line (B +): David – Buck Bakhtiari, Brian – Braga, Ryan – Taylor, Billy – Turner, Corey – Billingsley, Justin – McRae, Jason – Sipulige Sri Lanka, Egerton – Jenkins

This offensive line performance is good, after all, just enough time to shore, Rogers quarterback so you can do a lot of work.

Such a long text from start to finish did not find the name of the Patriots, the Patriots may make many fans are disappointed in me! Glycopyrrolate retirement, Hogan left the band, leaving the team Patterson, Trent – Brown left the band. Patriots can score four Chanticleer rock band with a name to describe it, Tips, band from Australia.

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