Brown coach pace the loss of the disappointment of the loss, but the pot is given to the attack coach?

Brown coach Jackson

Brown coach Jackson

The Cleveland Brown struggles with Tampawan pirates in the last week of the game to the overtime game, and finally regretted the defeat. After losing the ball, the Cleveland’s coach – Jackson is disappointed with the team’s offensive performance. Due to the offensive tactics in the Brown team, the password is all right to hand over the offensive coordinator Todie-Haiye, and this There are many problems with the offensive command of Haiye, and Jackson believes that this is the main reason for the team’s loss. Not only that, this head coach specially mentioned that the team’s offensive command is responsible for Todd Haili, and the problem of adverse team offensive is pushed to the attack coach. It seems that it wants to make the ball. Even if Brown’s offense is not as good as Jackson’s mind, he is not willing to pick up more offensive command, he said that the offensive coordinator Todie-Hairy will always master the team’s offensive tactics.

“I have never thought about it completely, I just want to say something. Some things need some help, if there is anything you need to change, no matter what is, I will shoot. As a coach, I should be cautious. After the conversation should not be too depressed, I need to find more ways to help the team. “This is Jackson’s attitude. The head coach continued to emphasize that he can use the experience of accumulation for many years to help Brown take a more correct way.

“I have to think about it, see how to help the team improve, I hope to help the team’s coach, I hope to provide more help to the offensive coach, solve the problem as soon as possible.” Although the offensive command is quite fine words Jackson and Haili are very harmonious, “he always holds an open attitude toward us, he never opposes us, because we are committed to helping the team to win.” In fact, we have not seen Brown yet Advance, so far, Brown 2 wins, 1 flat 4, although this team can also win, but Brown is always very slow in the past few games, I can’t open the situation in the middle half, three The efficiency of the file conversion is also struggling.

Previously, Hugh-Jackson served as an offensive coordinator in four different NFL teams. In fact, the coach had a fairly intelligent offensive concept, but after Cleveland as head coach, Jackson seems to be rushed by endless failure. The mind, he will give the leading command to the offensive coach, but there is no change when the team can’t open the situation. You must know if a team will have problems, the head coach is absolutely unbacked, because regardless of how the coach is arranged, the main coach needs to stand up in time, when it is time to do, if it is just a taste Then, in the game, the coach was pocket, which certainly could not solve the problem. However, if we recall the year’s “Jackson” speech, then we can also understand the “Jackson.

In the next week, Cleveland Brown will once again face the Songzburgh Steelman team in the same district. In the first confession of the two teams, Brown and steel people have become 21-21 flat. I hope that Jackson coaches will allow the team to enter their satisfactory rhythm. Otherwise, the team’s coaches are not enough Jackson.


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